Top Ten Ideas for Leftover Plastic Easter Eggs

We successfully made it through Resurrection Sunday and church without an Easter egg or mention of the Easter Bunny. But as soon as lunch rolled around with my parents and dinner with my husband’s family, it was an all out egg-fest! And it was fun! The kids had a blast and I’m quite sure made ZERO connection that the baskets and egg hunts were in response to Resurrection Sunday. They just thought it was another hanging-out-with-the-grandparents day! That’s the good part of having grandparents that spoil on a regular basis!

Well, now that we have a huge amount of plastic easter eggs hanging around, I thought we needed to do something fun with them! Here are the…


1. Animals

egg animalseaster egg craftleftover easter eggs plastic

mouse, skunk, dog, cat, pig

Lydia actually brought these home from her cousin’s house one year. So, I guess my sister-in-law made them with her. Then we made them at our Spring Party last year. Aren’t they adorable?! I love the skunk. And the pig–especially his little tail! Make and Takes also has some cute animals with pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes!

2. Flowers

recycled easter eggs plastic

{from No Time For Flashcards}

We made these for Mother’s Day one year and added a little foam leaf as the card. (Mother’s Day is in less than 2 weeks!)

3. Shakers

plastic eggs
{from Muffin Tin Mom}

There is nothing more fun than shaking things and making noise. My kids like to play with the popcorn container. So, I’m sure they’d love this!

4. Marionette

recycled easter eggs plastic

{from Dollar Store Mom}

You know I love puppets. My kids would have so much fun making and playing with their own marionette!

5. Learning Games

leftover plastic easter eggs

{from Playhouse In Maryland}

I love this matching upper & lower case letter eggs. This post from Playhouse in Maryland is actually a Top Ten list of learning games with plastic eggs!

I also found this cute color matching game:

matching game kids

{from Siayla}

6. Envelope

mail an egg

{from givers’ log}

How great is this? If you have family or friends living far away, how much fun would this be to get in the mail?!

7. Decorate

leftover easter eggs plastic

{from Family Chic}

There are tons of egg garlands around online! This one is just clipped together with the eggs. I found others that were strung through the holes in the tops and bottom. Either way works!

8. Caterpillars

leftover plastic easter eggs

{from The Hills}

I love this because you could do so many things with it! You could work with patterns, make rainbows or even match them up with your favorite team colors!

9. Teacups

easter egg

{from creativity in progress}

Would this be awesome for a Tea Party Birthday or what? I love love love this! {and check out her egg cupcakes, too!}

10. Bumble Bees

bumble bee craft

{from the inadvertent farmer}

I thought this was like a crocheted cozy but it’s just yarn wrapped around. SO CUTE!

What have YOU made with plastic easter eggs?

bible craft

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  1. I thought each one was my favorite, until I read the next one. These are such great ideas.

  2. I love all the cute ideas and bright colors! 🙂 Guess we both have “what in the world am I going to do with all these eggs?” on the brain!!

  3. These are such fun! I love the caterpillar!

  4. These are fabulous ideas. We have LOTS of leftover eggs. I like the easy-schmeasy ideas, like the matching games and shakers.

  5. GREAT ideas! I love the teacups. that is so cute!

  6. Awesome! I didn’t buy plastic eggs this year in an attempt to reuse what we had, but still ended up with a couple dozen as gifts from various relatives and friends. Now I have some fun ideas!

  7. Awesome! Love the marionette idea! might have to save that for our summer crafts

  8. I love the bumblebees & letter matching! Great ideas!

  9. We used ours to do some practicing with the hot glue gun (with supervision). We made Easter Egg sculptures. It was so much fun!

  10. This is so cute 🙂

  11. eeek~~~ too many cuties! So many great ideas! Good thing I still have a tub full of plastic easter eggs! THANK you for featuring my teacups!

  12. Came to your blog to read your Orange thoughts and fell in LOVE with this post… I have a feeling I’ll be coming back for more!

  13. WOW! These are fantastic!! Thank you so much!

  14. THANK YOU so much for featuring my blog!! I love all the other egg ideas, especially the teacups!! Too cute!! 🙂


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