LOVE Necklaces {Valentine's Day and John 3:16!}

John 3-16

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Yesterday we were listening to Psalty’s Heart to Change the World CD. Yes, it was produced in the late 80’s. Yes, it features a great big blue singing songbook. Yes, we listen to it and love it. If you want your kids to listen to KIDS music that is full of Scripture and God’s Word–you need Psalty.

{Just found a coupon for Psalty: FREE Heart to Change the World CD when you purchase $35 or more PLUS 20% off. Expires Februrary 14, 2011. Use code: CHANGE}

Anywhoo. Where was I?

Oh yeah, we were listening to this Heart to Change the World CD during lunch. The story is that Psalty is explaining to the kids about people around the world who lack basic needs AND have never heard about Jesus. They have a big international potluck with red paper mache hearts on the wall. Well. It totally made me think of Valentine’s Day and how I want my kids to have a heart to change the world!

One of the songs on the album is a straight scripture song based on John 3:16. I asked Lydia what fun craft we could make to help us remember this verse–maybe something with the world? or a heart? Her idea was a world in the shape of a heart. I thought this was genius.

So, we got out our Sculpey clay (which I have never used before so I was super excited to try!) in blue and green and started making hearts. Well. We discovered clay is really hard. It does not feel like play-dough. In fact, Asa used his clay as bricks instead of dough.

valentine's day necklace

We switched gears and decided a regular world of blue and green would work just fine. We just added a small clay red heart to our globe.

globe beads

Then we pushed a wire (actually, a Christmas ornament hook) through the equator and wallowed it out a little. Then we stuck them in the oven for 20 minutes or so. When they were done, we strung them and wore them! Aren’t they cute?

heart necklace

We made several beads so Lydia could give them to her friends on Valentine’s Day. In fact, she told me she wants to deliver them inside a heart envelope!

bible craft

ps-ugh! Have you noticed my pictures are messed up lately? I broke my lens and have to HOLD it on the camera while I’m taking pictures. Worst. Thing. Ever. Just had to share…

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  1. Amy Fraunfelter says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Psalty!!!! I grew up in the 80’s and that was all that we listened too. My Church bookstore got a shipment in of the ones I grew up on and I got all of them for my kids and of course they love them. My daughter goes to sleep every night listening to them and that about the only thing they want to hear in the car!!!! Mine are the Kids Praise 1-10 ~ never heard of the one you listed but I will ck out the link. Thanks for all the Wonderful posts!!!

  2. Amy Fraunfelter says:

    LOL Now I feel stupid 🙂 Yes I have that one ~ I just never knew it’s name beside Kids Praise 6.

  3. Becky Daye says:

    LOVE Psalty too and this craft is great. Feeling so inspired. Thanks for all of the great ideas!!

  4. I grew up listening to Psalty. I’ve found him on youtube and my kids love watching him.

  5. that’s adorable! great idea.

  6. I love this!!!!

  7. Psalty….what great memories! And what a brilliant idea! I’d totally wear one of these. Maybe you should link up with Lisa Leonard or The Vintage Pearl about making it into a “real” necklace.

  8. This is a great craft!


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