DIY Hair Bow & Clip Holder

For Christmas one year I got some cute shadow type frames from Ikea. Originally I put some of Lydia’s baby items in them and hung them in her nursery. Now that she’s a little older, we replaced the baby stuff and made something functional.

bow holder tutorial

Supplies: Ikea’s RIBBA frame (or other shadow box), glue gun, ribbon, hair clips & blanket/background fabric

I found one of her old blankets and cut out a little square to line the back. Then we found some of her clippies–the ones that she had pulled from her hair and slobbered on. The ones that were falling apart but just TOO CUTE to throw away. (And ok, had a few memories connected to them.) We hot glued them on and shut the door.

hair clip holder diy

How adorable is that? A sweet little memory of my baby Lydia, right?

Well, we added one more thing that made it even better! We grabbed some nice long ribbon and hot glued that to the back. And voila! We have instant clippie and barette holder!

bow holder tutorial

How lovely not to have to dig through a pile of clips every morning. Plus–HOW CUTE IS THAT?!

I like the idea of taking something that is a memory and turning it into a craft or decoration–instead of just cluttering up a drawer or closet. I also thought this idea would be fun to use for artwork or Bible verses. You could attach ribbon to any picture and clip on papers with clothespins to show off or help you memorize!

bible craft

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  1. perfect! I love it – functional and still holding the memories!

  2. I LOVE this 🙂 Not just the clippie holder, because we’ve all seen those before…and not just the keepsake…but the two combined together. A keepsake that’s functional! Yes I totally love it (and am now wishing that my little girl had a special blanky so that I could make one, but she doesn’t)

  3. This is so sweet! 🙂

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