A Birthday Countdown Calendar

You know I’m slightly obsessed with countdown calendars. I think we did 6 advent calendars this year. We did a vacation countdown before our Disney trip. On Christmas Day we started another countdown–the 12 Days Until Lydia’s Birthday!

One of my best friends, Kristen made a cool 12-Days-Of-Christmas-Advent-Calendar type thing for Lydia a few years ago. And because it was just 12 days, I wasn’t sure what to do with it. Then I realized Lydia’s birthday is 12 days after Christmas! So, we started using this adorable countdown to build up some fun excitement for her birthday!

birthday countdown

Isn’t it cute? It’s just some crazy yarn, a few mittens and some sticky ribbon tape to make the numbers. Easy peasy.

The first time I used this, I put little dollar-store prizes in it. But I don’t really like the idea of getting a billion presents on Christmas, a present a day for 12 days and then another whole day of birthday presents. This year I came up with a brain storm and I LOVE it!

birthday calendar

I looked through my iPhoto and printed off one picture of Lydia from each month of the year (12 months, you know?). Pictures that marked important dates or activities in her life. Then I put one in each mitten.

We pick one each day (in order) and we get to reminisce about her 4-year-old year! It’s fun because, of course, she loves the activity of actually picking something out of the calendar. But she also loves looking at the pictures. We’re putting all the pictures into a tiny scrapbook and I hope it will be a sweet reminder to her of a big year for her!

Here are the pictures I chose:

Picnik collagePicnik collagePicnik collage

Lydia’s Puppet Party, First Snow Candy, Ballet with Cousin, Resurrection Garden,
First Ballet Recital, Shoes 2 Share, First Garden, Preschool,
Disney Vacation, Apple Picking, Trip to Savannah, Christmas

I’m definitely going to do this same thing 12 days before Asa’s birthday. I love looking back over each month of the year–and seeing the growth that happens in just 12 short months! But I will make something a little easier than the mittens—maybe envelopes?

What special traditions do you do for birthdays?
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  1. Okay, I had the same idea–that I needed a birthday countdown calendar, but decided I would have to wait to make it for next year! We only have 6 days between christmas and bday….but still it would be so fun!

    I was thinking maybe just opening a door or hanging up some sort of ornament, but I love the picture idea. So, so great!

  2. What a great idea … I might have to do this next year with our little one (I think her birthday is the day after Lydia’s). I love the photo idea and having one from each month. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Aww what a cute idea! I had the best advent calendar ever this year. It had 25 little containers of different flavored teas from david’s teas. mmm

  4. oh, I LOVE that! So cute!


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