Top Ten {Tuesday}

1. Have you ever had one of those days?

2. The one where your son drops a cup of milk on the ground? And it breaks? And it wasn’t his cup to begin with?

3. The kind of day where you think you’re just having a conversation and then it turns into an argument?

4. The day where your daughter starts crying because you won’t obey HER?

5. The one where  your son also spills an entire of water on the ground?

6. And the day that is punctuated by whining of all shapes and sizes?

7. The kind of day when early naps and early bedtimes are the only way you can cope?

8. The day when you sit down to eat oreos and raw milk and don’t even care how absolutely contradictory that is?

9. The kind of day where you wish you could just go to your extra bedroom, crawl in the bed and come out in say…a month?

10. Yeah, me neither.

{I’ll be back with more Christmasy Top Ten posts next week!}

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  1. Just remember — tomorrow is a brand new day!

    Oh, and at least you had “raw milk”. I ate a bunch of Oreos with store bought milk!!

  2. Yes, Yes, and Yes!!! Hope tomorrow is better for you!

  3. Oh no!!! Here’s hoping (and praying) that when you get up tomorrow you see the good day the the Lord has waiting for you! Because……His mercies are new every morning! 🙂 *big hug*

  4. I wish I had an extra bedroom to crawl into. My in-laws are here. . . sleeping in my kids’ room.

  5. I have those moments all the time! I hope your day got better though!

  6. Been there, done that. :/ Sorry to hear it was a rough day, but rejoicing that God’s goodness is renewed every morning!

  7. Sorry to hear yesterday was not so good… hope today is better!

  8. So sorry you had a bad day 🙁 And yes, I’ve had them. I always repeat “This too shall pass.”

  9. Aww… sorry your day was not so good! I’ve had days like that too. Minus the raw milk part. But, definitely with the oreos included!

  10. Great blog! Don’t worry, bad days come and go! Tomorrow will be better and God is good! Thanks for hosting!

  11. Ugh. Tell me about it. Here’s hoping for a better day!

  12. Ooooh, no fun. I had a day like that yesterday. Here’s hoping yours improves!

  13. Wow what a day! Hope that tomorrow is a better one. However if it isn’t then I recommend the peanut butter oreos. I won’t tell you how many I have eaten in the last few days. 🙂

  14. Yes to just about all…especially this one:
    “6. And the day that is punctuated by whining of all shapes and sizes?”

    And now I am off to a big bowl of Rocky Road Ice Cream…

  15. Number Eight made me laugh right out loud 🙂 I do that kind of stuff all the time!!

  16. At least your day ended with Oreos – so it wasn’t that bad!

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