True Southerners: Top Ten {Tuesday}

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I was born and raised in Atlanta. My mom is from Minnesota, but my dad is from Macon. (That’s halfway down the state of Georgia, for any of you that don’t know.) I have always been proud of my Southern roots. It was one of those, “American by birth, Southern by the grace of God” kinda things.

Then, I moved to Birmingham, Alabama. And I realized, I wasn’t Southern. I was an Atlantan. People in Birmingham were a little different–they had matching umbrellas and shoes, lots of monograms, big bows, coordinating outfits for all their kids and double first names.

It wasn’t wholly different from Atlanta, just about 2 degrees off. But I liked it!

If you’ve lived in the South, or every met a truly true Southerner, you’ll know what I’m talking about. The south is genteel, slightly sassy and very color coordinated!

My friend, Hilary from The Other Mama is a true Southern girl. So southern in fact that she started her own monogram business called, Mint Julep Monograms. (Otherwise known as Mint Julep Monahgrahms, y’all!) She asked me if I’d like to do a little giveaway for Mint Julep on my blog! And of course, I said yes. Or maybe “sho’nuff”. I can’t remember which.

As I was trying to decide how to go about a monogram giveaway on my blog, it got me thinking about the South. And the misconceptions, the myths and well, the truth about our great corner of the United States. So, here they are:

The Top Ten Things I’ve Learned from Living in Alabama and Georgia {and Florida, too}:

1. Southerners like monograms.

You know I had to say that one first, right? But honestly, who else would wear a baseball cap with their initials embroidered in a fancy font?

2. Real southerners know that Florida, Missouri and Oklahoma are not really part of the South. Bless their hearts.

3. Sweet tea is a staple. The only drinks available at potlucks and catered meals is sweet tea. Restaurants that ask “You want sweet or unsweet?” are avoided. {And despite my southern-ness that is my one downfall. My husband calls me a half-breed because I cannot bear to drink sweet tea. Please don’t revoke my Southern card!}

monogram travel cup

Travel Coffee Sweet Tea Cup

4. Southern Hospitality is real. When I lived in Alabama men opened doors for me, walked me to my car and tipped their hats. The women made food, hugged your neck, opened their homes and threw real parties. In fact, I had Lydia’s baby shower in Birmingham and it was called a “Tea”. Y’all. That is fancy!

baby blanket

Possible baby gift at a “Tea”

5. Southerners recognize the superiority of our food. As in biscuits, gravy, grits and cornbread.

6. A real southerner understands and uses the term “fixin’ to”. {For those Yankees out there, that would be akin to “about to” as in “I’m fixin’ to fix up some biscuits and gravy.”}

7. When snow flurries hit, you run to the store for milk. And we do not think it’s weird to close school because our kids can see their breath outside.

8. Soda is something you bake with. Pop is related to Snap and Crackle. Coke is what you drink with your meal. {And for the long-time southerner, you might even say Co-Cola.}

9. The more syllables, the more better.

10. We like monograms.

Did I say that already? But seriously, how cute is that?! And a few more for ya…

Picnik collage

So, would you like to win $30 to the adorable Mint Julep Monograms? There are so many fun things to choose from–bags, Christmas stockings, baby clothes and more! This is the perfect Christmas gift, y’all!

To enter, just visit Mint Julep Monograms and tell me which item you like best–and if you can tell me in your best Southern accent–well, you might get bonus points.

That’s all–no second entries for tweeting and stumbling and all that stuff. Let’s just click to Mint Julep, LIKE them on facebook, ooh and ahh, then come back to tell me what you like. Of course, a good tweet never hurt anybody. Ahem.

:: :: ::

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  1. Marisa Anderson says:

    I really like the Fleece Throw in Chocolate/Blue

  2. I love the duffel & mini cosmetic bags. I’ve been wanting to get something like that for my 14yo daughter.

  3. Your post cracked me up…I’m a Carolina Girl (South Carolina that is :D) born and raised so I can confirm your top 10 list is spot on. I kept going down the list sayin yep I do that…and that…and that. haha. So, I really like the medium market tote Ya’ll (that was in my best Paula Dean southern accent). I would want it in black with burgundy monogramming and ribbon in true Carolina Gamecock flair. Thanks!!!

  4. I’m fixin to get a new baby and I need LOTS but especially some panties because every baby girl needs some fancy panties with her initials on her butt.

  5. Brandi Taylor says:

    Born and raised in the good ole East Tennessee. I moved to Kansas two years ago, and the people love to hear all the southern words…like buggy instead of cart at the store! I am thinking I would get some stockings.

  6. Oh my, so many cute things! Perhaps a tote, or a robe, or a pillowcase for my little one? The appliques are adorable!

  7. Oh, this list made me SMILE. Now, I know I live in Missouri…but I am FROM South Arkansas. At LEAST they will still deliver Southern Living to my southern Missouri town!! 🙂

    Growing up, we always asked guests (regarding their drink), “Would you like a coke? What kind would you like?” Oh, and monograms…you are so right…

    The BEST sweet tea I’ve had was in Savannah, GA. Seems like everywhere we ate in Savannah made the BEST sweet tea.

    I really miss the good manners in children. Not many parents here in Missouri teach their children to say, “Yes mam” and “No sir.” When I go home to South Arkansas, those words are like music to my ears. Sweet, sweet music.

  8. I love, love, love your post! I am from Alabama originally and I live in Alberta where no one understands anything Southern. They’ve never had sweet tea and they don’t “get” college football. It is a constant trial….truly.

  9. Don’t forget that real southerners “cut on” the lights and then “cut them off” when they leave the room. 🙂 Fun post.

  10. I want the scarf, coozie and the fuzzy pillowcase!!!!!

  11. Amy "Y'All" says:

    I read this blog as I am preparing for my first trip to GA. My hubby and I are getting away without the kids for the 1st time in 6 years (last time = honeymoon)… Since you and your kin are from them there parts (or at least closer than Cleveland, Ohio) can you recommend some not-to-miss kinda things we could do? We leave Friday and are stying for a long weekend…. Any guidance would be appreciated! T’ank ya kindly! :0)

  12. Ahh. Just what I needed. lol. I still drink my tea sweet but not nearly as sweet as I did in GA. I still say Coke even though I’m drinking a Pepsi. But you are not kidding about the snow. If it starts to flurry school is cancelled. People out here (Colorado) like to make fun of that but seriously if they had to drive on those icy back roads they’d think twice. lol


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