It’s A Meaningful Life

Even though it’s the week of Halloween and Thanksgiving hasn’t even arrived there is Christmas stuff in the stores. And as much as I wish we’d do just one holiday at a time, I have to admit I’m already getting excited for Christmas! And do you know what it started with? A Christmas movie!

god has a plan

Yup, I’ve already watched a Christmas movie! It’s Veggie Tales’ newest show, It’s a Meaningful Life! It’s a sweet story that nods to Polar Express and It’s A Wonderful Life (and probably a dozen more, you know how they slide those inside jokes in there!). The story follows Larry, once a football star who now owns the family toy factory. Larry is weighted down by the big game and the missed catch that ended his football career. He views his life as boring, unimportant and devoid of meaning.

Of course, after a trip on a magical train where ha visits his would-be life and realizes how amazing and full of meaning his life is!

We watched it twice on our drive to Disney last month. I love having my kids listen to (and see) the message that their lives have purpose, their steps are ordered and their existence meaningful! I think the world is full of messages (even unintentional) that life is meaningless–or only meaningful if you fulfill this certain (and unattainable) status. I want my kids to know (and good grief, adults need to realize) that God has plans for us and is ready to use us to fulfill His purpose for us!

I went to Veggie Tales’ website to see if they had any additional resources to go along with the movie. They’ve got a great family life guide (connected with Family Life ministry) that is really worth a read–it’s not an activity, but practical ideas to help you be purposeful in your life as a parent.

meaningful life

My favorite part is when Larry’s daughter (Emma, an adopted veggie) wishes she could be an “important” camel in the Christmas play instead of an unimportant sheep. Larry sings, “Precious girl, can you see, your part of our family, this one thing I promise, what’s planned for you is true–you are worth so much and its just by being you!” I want to memorize the whole song and sing it to our kids!

What a perfect picture of how we sometimes feel–we’re not big enough, good enough, smart enough, rich enough. But every part is important, an integral part of the story—of God’s great story.

Every song was full of words to encourage you and your kids. I’d definitely pick up this movie–maybe save it for November 1st and use it to introduce the Thanksgiving/Christmas season! Use it to remind your children (and yourself) that God has a plan for you, even if you can’t see it!


  1. Love Veggie Tales!! I haven’t seen this one yet but now I am off to Amazon to search!!

    I was just posting about Netflix and how much I love it because they have a ton of veggie tale movies! My daughter loves them and so do I! They always have such a great message!!

  2. we will definitely have to check this one out… Veggie Tales is something that everyone in our family can agree with!!!

  3. My kids love Veggie Tales too! Thank you for the coupon code for the live show but unfortunately, I’m unable to use the coupon code, it keeps saying invalid. I haven’t placed an order yet. IYKVEGGIE is the code, right?

    Thank you!

  4. Do you know the name of the song Larry sings to his daughter? with the lyrics you quoted above? “Precious girl, can you see, your part of our family, this one thing I promise, what’s planned for you is true–you are worth so much and its just by being you!” Thank you!

    • The name of the song is “Precious Girl” you can find/buy the mp3 for just 99¢ on Amazon. Go to Mp3 downlaod, and search “Songs for a Meaningful Life”. 🙂

  5. I’d love to know if you know of a Christmas themed movie that would be appropriate for a 3 year old?


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