Halloween. A Retro Photo.

halloween. 1980's

Staci, me and Mandi. Halloween. 1982ish.


  1. HA! The expression on your face looks like the Princess and the Pea, after she slept on marbles! So cute! I can’t wait till my kids grow up and see their old HAlloween photos!

  2. Mandy Lutes says:

    Seriously!!! This is Lydia, Megan and Evan!!!!

  3. Why do you all look so mad!? 😀 I think this is hilarious!

  4. How cute!

  5. Stacey – I know why *I* look mad. It’s because our moms MADE me be a witch and what’s worse, they made me wear a wart. Oh, but I DID get to pick where I wanted it.

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