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I got the best comment on an old Halloween post this week. It is so good I just had to share it with you!

When my kids were tiny, we made special treats (like cookies or brownies), dressed them up in adorable costumes and went to “treat” the widows and elderly from our church. We always called ahead, and by the 3rd year, they knew to expect us. It became such a special part of our holidays… I will always treasure those special widows who loved on my kids on Halloween! One has Alzheimer’s now, and we went to see her last year (after 4 years away). We were told she wouldn’t remember us, but she remembered my kids’ names and went on and on about our special times together! Such a beautiful memory for all of us!

Isn’t that great? I just love the idea of letting the kids have the “trick-or-treat” experience but taking away the greed and the scariness!

I’m trying to figure out where my kids and I could go to do this same thing. We could make a yummy fall treat, add a fun card with a verse, don our costumes and visit some people who are in need of a little love and fun! I’d love to turn Halloween around and make it a time of giving and love!

Maybe we could make these cute acorn dough nuts from Family Fun (see photo above)? Or these apple cupcakes? Oh my goodness! I’m getting so excited!

Any other ideas for making Halloween about TREATS and not TRICKS?!

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  1. What a great idea!

  2. That’s a sweet idea!

  3. I’m the Activity Director in a nursing home, and I can tell you- my residents LOVE to see kids in costumes! We actually have an annual trick or treat night the weekend before Halloween.

    I’d call a local nursing home or assisted living place. You might also check about bringing treats- some places (like mine) don’t allow homemade goodies from strangers, but would be happy to allow wrapped (soft) candy or cards.


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