My First Vegetable Share


Step # 4 of our big healthy-living-journey is local veggies. The farmer I buy milk and eggs from also does a vegetable share. The new season started this week. And here’s my first haul. And yall? I don’t even know what most of it is! Anybody know?

Now, if only I can figure out how to eat healthy with memories of Disney Dining and crumbs of pirate cake on my counter plate…


  1. It looks to me like you have some sweet potatoes/yams and bok choy (

    I just started reading your blog and I’m enjoying it. 🙂 Good luck with your CSA share!

  2. I *love* that you’re doing a farm share. yay!

  3. Fun! We’ve done a CSA the past two summers. The first few times we got collard greens I thought they were stems that had broken off something else in my bag. My CSA philosophy is that almost anything can be dropped in a hot pan with oil, sprinkled with soy sauce, and served over rice!

  4. LOL! I love that! I love me some soy sauce!

  5. Christine:
    It makes me feel so grown up! 😉

  6. BOK CHOY! How exciting. Now, to figure out how to cook it…

  7. Maybe I’m living under a rock…..what’s a vegetable share??

  8. Tricia: I pay a farmer to deliver a 1/2 bushel of food from his farm to me! So, I get whatever he grows. It’s like Christmas opening up the box to see what’s inside. A confusing Christmas, but Christmas nonetheless…

  9. Tricia: also called a CSA sometimes. My farmer says Vegetable Share, so that’s what I said…

  10. It’s more like Top Chef. You open up a box and then you have to cook it.
    Good thing you have more than 20 minutes though!

  11. I think I see some apples in there.

    Glad to help.

  12. I am guessing bok choy, white radishes, green leaf lettuce, apples, and yams. YUM!

  13. That’s too bad they didn’t tell you what you got! There is a co-op here that does that but let you know what you’ll be getting. Are those radishes? Bok choy? Carrots or sweet potatoes? Bet you could make a great salad.

  14. That’s so great! But wow, daunting and hard to plan for. Buying locally is so much better though. My hubby just watched Food Inc and gave me the blow-by-blow (it’s just better this way) and we all really need to work to make smarter, healthier decisions for our families. Jeremiah (that’s the hub) said that Food Inc has a website where you can plug in your zip and find locally-raised, grass-fed beef. We found that there is a ranch just up the road in DeLand – who knew!? Anyway, I’ll stop babbling now 🙂 but I applaud what you’re doing. PS – my kids love sweet potato fries done on a stone in the oven (oil, s&p, 400 degrees for 30-40 mins, done.) If I run across bok choy recipes, I’ll be sure to pass them on.

  15. We use a local delivery service – a huge box of fruit and veggies, farmed on Monday and delivered on Tuesday, for $35. It’s brilliant, and we’ve had to get creative with things (pumpkin lasagne, anyone?) And the kids get a pop-quiz each week, trying to identify the different items. If it were up to me, we’d just eat apples and bananas, lettuce and tomato. This way, we’ve been exposed to a wider variety of produce. And, I don’t have to drive around town shopping for it all with three kids under 4 years of age!

    • Exactly! I love it! I still haven’t done anything w/the white radishes and I’m not sure about one of those lettuce/green things. But I’m so glad we signed up for this!

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