ABC Verses: Letter L

alphabet craft scripture letter l

The letter L was an easy craft for us to do with our ABC verses. Even at 2 years old Lydia was obsessed with the letter “L”. So, our craft was all about her favorite L word–LYDIA. I wanted to do an “about me” type of craft. So, we did foot and handprints with paint.

If you’ve never done handprints with kids, you are missing out on some serious fun! My friends and I did handprint calendars for Christmas last year and it was so cute! Here’s a handprint tip: Use a paint brush to BRUSH the paint on the kids’ hands. Do NOT try to dip their hands into a puddle of paint. That is a disaster waiting to happen.

The verse is a good one because it has two L’s in it. And a reminder to love one another? Well, she didn’t need it much when she was 2. But now that she’s a big sister at 4.5? She needs it!

I also love this verse because it’s another old song I knew when I was a kid. Hmmm…maybe that’s why I picked all these verses…because they were hidden in MY heart! There’s a lesson for us! I’m teaching my daughter scripture she’ll remember as an adult!

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  1. totally did thsi one today but i combined it with {no time for flash cards} valentine craft. still did the verse and the {l}’s but we did red letters and put heart stickers on them and then glued family photos all over! it’s a keeper. i just cannot get enough of your site!!!!

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