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alphabet craft scripture letter h

Here we go again…I pick another scripture that begins with a word that doesn’t even say the letter! How is “HONOR” a good “H” word? Oh, well. I certainly couldn’t let the letter H pass without using this verse. Every child should know this verse, right?!

We did a hippo because Lydia loved hippos when she was little. We taught her sign language and it was one of her favorite signs! I got this outline of a hippo at First School. It’s designed to be a paper bag puppet…which would be so fun! You could have your hippo puppet say the verse!

First School has tons of printables–crafts, coloring sheets, handwriting practice and more. If you are looking for ideas about a specific theme or a letter of the alphabet, First School will get your brain going in the right direction!

Oh, and I just remembered something else we used to do with our ABC Scriptures–Starfall! Have you seen this? It’s an awesome interactive website that teaches kids all kinds of things. But their ABC sounds are my fave!

h craft

Your kids will love this! Plus, it will get you thinking about some other fun words to go with your letter. I know sometimes I’d go through the whole game and then decide what craft to do because it has so many fun words and ideas for each letter!

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  1. Yeah! This is our letter today. We like Starfall camp too! Do you have any puzzels of letters (ie: melissa n doug) if so which one do you like?

  2. I love your ideas for teaching kids letters and God’s Word – thanks for sharing your ideas!

    We chose a different verse for the letter H: Eph 3:18 (NLT) “How long, how wide, how high, and how deep his love is.”

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