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What Can YOU Do?

The following is a guest post by one of my best blogging friends and sisterchicks, Jessie from Vanderbilt Wife. And when I first read this it gave me chills. Enjoy. The topic was stewardship, and the question referred to the “do not worry about tomorrow” passage in Matthew. The question, from a study on Mission, […]

"Clothe" Your Child with the Armor of God

The following is a guest post by my friend, Christine from iDreamofClean. Enjoy… Although I blog about cleaning almost every day on, a clean home is not what I’m most passionate about. Making sure I personally work on having a clean heart and teaching my son to do the same is my true passion! […]

Letter M

Oh, I love this verse! I have to be honest, when I grabbed this picture to post today I didn’t remember the verse. I’m guessing Lydia may not remember it either because it’s not one we’ve said over and over like some of them. But now that I look at it again, I think it’s […]

Mexican Mystery. A Retro Photo.

This is another strange one today. The picture has always intrigued me because I can’t quite figure out what the picture is of. Is it the girl? The horse? Or is that a zebra? Or is it a horse painted like a zebra? Is it a parade? Does the guy to the far right have […]

What Happens When I Talk To God?

I have recently discovered the awesomness that is $5 deals at Family Christian Store. Every week (or so?) they have special books, CDs and DVDs on sale for $5. Remember, I picked up Have a New Kid By Friday when it was $5? This week I picked up two of my favorite books: The Hole […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Best “W” Words

As I was trying to think of a good Top Ten list for you today, I reviewed some of my old posts. And I ran across to totally random and weird lists:  P Words and Most Famous O Words. So, today, in an effort to continue the random, here are THE TOP TEN MOST WONDERFUL […]

ABC Verses: Letter L

The letter L was an easy craft for us to do with our ABC verses. Even at 2 years old Lydia was obsessed with the letter “L”. So, our craft was all about her favorite L word–LYDIA. I wanted to do an “about me” type of craft. So, we did foot and handprints with paint. […]