Letter G

alphabet craft scripture letter g

Here we are at the letter G! This is one of my favorites–it’s my favorite color, one of my favorite fruits, a favorite verse and the craft actually turned out pretty cute. I just drew a bunch of grapes and let Lydia glue some pieces of purple tissue paper on it. I am pretty sure we tried to scrunch the paper up first…but I don’t think it worked to well.

When Lydia was this age (about 27 months) I remember that I would always get a muffin cup and pour some white glue into it, then let her use a q-tip to rub the glue around on her crafts. Now we use a glue stick–and that seems like a much better idea!

I chose 1 John 4:8 because, well, it’s one of the first “G” verses that popped into my head–one I memorized when I was a kid. But I think this simple 3 word verse is important. The world questions God at every turn. They paint him as austere, vengeful and mean. I want my children’s first thought and first definition of God to be LOVE.

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In case you are just jumping into these ABC Scripture activities–I started this blog when my daughter Lydia and I were on the Letter N. So, I’m updating on our activities from the letters A through M. Leigh, a contributor on Impress Your Kids also has several posts on ABC Scripture activities that she has done with her son. So, make sure you click around the rest of our ABC Scriptures to find more great ideas!


  1. Just found your blog and AM IN LOVE!!!! I think I follow you on twitter, but someone left a comment on my blog suggesting your blog and I’m thrilled they did! Subscribed via RSS and looking forward to the ABC scriptures!

  2. Wow! I just stumpled upon your blog and I am so impressed with your ABC scripture crafts. Would you be interested in likning them up to the Ultimate Alphabet Craft Collection? It is a feature I host on my blog. I think many people would LOVE to see your ideas! You can view the collection here: http://theattachedmama.blogspot.com/2010/07/ultimate-alphabet-craft-collection.html

    Your fan,


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