How Motherhood is Like Snow White

Some days I feel like Snow White…

good mom

Yesterday I…

…got up at 6am and walked around my neighborhood

…read my Bible (a new purple one!)

…wrote a story with Lydia while successfully playing with Asa

…made 3 loaves of bread (my first time thanks to Alicia’s Homemaking!)

…mopped the floors

…wrote 2 pretty decent blog posts

…watched a movie while eating popcorn with my husband (The Box. Did you see it? WEIRD.)

Other days I feel…well, a little more like this…

Today I…

Took the kids to Target and left within 10 minutes because Lydia had such a post-ballet meltdown that I couldn’t even straighten her up after a visit to the bathroom so I marched her to the car while she screamed, “What are we doing?!” and then  she refused to get in the car and I literally stuffed her in there with Asa on my hip while a woman walked by and said, “It gets better, I promise.” and then I threatened Lydia with the fact that the police would throw me in jail if she didn’t put on her seatbelt and she cried all the way home and all the way through lunch.

What do you suggest? Whistle while I work? Wish for the one I love to help me? Blame it on my wicked stepmother?


  1. LOVE the pics! And I can totally envision your days. I swear it always goes like that… following a day of exquisite domestic bliss, it all tumbles down around you. You can always do as I do and just treat your kids like Cinderella… 🙂

  2. i think every mom has those days, i think the only thing you can wish for is for the day to end and start over! By the way, the Box was totally weird.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I totally relate. Some days I’m SuperMom and other days I need to be examined by DFACS. Oh, well! As long as the SuperMom days outnumber the DFACS days then I guess I’m doing okay. And the fact that my in-laws just came and swept them away with cries of delight and not a look behind them made today even better. Now I’m off for some retail therapy and some ice cream!

  4. Oh boy! Been there, done that I have the battle wounds to prove it! Crazy how one day can go perfectly and the next you barely get by with a thread of sanity left. I always wondered why my mom had so much grey hair when she was only in her 30s. She had 6 kids. Now I *fully* understand.

  5. You and me both! except I feel like Cinderella – one day at the ball, the next day with the evil stepmother/sisters yelling at me all day long.

  6. I’m with ya! Sometimes on the domestic wonder-woman days I think, “Wow, really every day should be like this? Let it be so!” and I raise some sort of false standard in my brain.

    The next day pretty much always shatters that standard.

    Most of the time God is trying to tell me something (like “You aren’t perfect, Alica”).

    I want to enjoy the fun domestic days when they happen and be ok with crazy life-as-mostly-usual when that happens too. Workin’ on it!

  7. Great post! I feel like that 2nd one a lot, though my prince charming is USUALLY good about helping out when he is home. And my daughter has meltdowns almost exactly like that, in very public places (and with a smile for anyone watching) I warn her if she doesn’t straighten up we will leave and she will be getting a spanking…maybe sometimes I throw in that if we leave we won’t have any food for the week if we are out grocery shopping which is when most of hers happen. Sometimes that works better then threatening a spanking, the girl loves her food!
    I wish motherhood could be more like, say, Sleeping Beauty- but I am lucky if I get to sleep past 7!

  8. Oh Yeah, count me in the been there done that group! One of the first times I braved the grocery store with both kids my toddler ran away and I had the baby in the shopping cart so I had to chase him through the store with the shopping cart!
    Terrifying, enraging, and embarrassing all at the same time.
    Yesterday I opted for putting him in the cart and I “wore my baby” it was the first snow white picture, although I could do it the exact same way again and I am sure the outcome would be different no matter what.

  9. I make bread all the time and its the best. My newest thing is homemade bagels. So easy and so good. You can’t buy them any better. Just freeze and pull out when needed.

  10. I love how you told your daughter that the cops would throw you in jail if she didn’t wear her seatbelt. I have to remember that! 😉 My 3 old is at that stage now and my 15 month old is just starting that stage… We just have to remember what the lady said….it gets better….that is until they turn 13 😉

  11. Oh, I know those days. The second kind, of course. Not so often do I know the first kind. I had to laugh when you said you couldn’t even straighten her out with a trip to the bathroom. More than once, we’ve been in a public place and I’ve had my limit of whiny, disobedient behavior and said,”That’s it. We’re going to the bathroom.” And what does Annalyn do? Oh, right. She hollers, “I don’t want to go to the bathroom!!!!!” Nice.

    • Yeah, that never works. I’ve finally realized telling her I’m going to discipline is just another meaningless threat.

      {ps–I’m responding to this from my dashboard. does it look weird to you?}


  12. So true Amanda! Of course, I can be like Snow White in the morning and then turn into the queen by mid-afternoon. Lane told me today that she doesn’t want her daddy to go to work tomorrow because “he likes to do fun things with me.” Unlike mommy. But I do have makeup and cute shoes to offer.

  13. Hi Amanda,
    Am a new visitor (subscriber just as soon as I finish commenting) visiting thanks to Kat @Inspired to Action and I must say, am SOOO glad I found you. You’re real, funny and a delight to read.
    Love the pic!

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