Alphabet Scriptures: The Letter D Crafts


The past few weeks I’ve been updating some of our “back-dated” alphabet crafts—all the scriptures and crafts Lydia and I did before I started recording them on this blog. And I started out strong with the letter A, B was just ok, C was a phonics-fail and today? The letter D? Well, I’m just thankful I really didn’t start this blog until the letter N!

But in the spirit of full disclosure and I’m-a-real-mom, here is our letter D scripture and craft…if you can call it that:

alphabet craft scripture letter d

I knew the verse I wanted immediately, “Do not let your hearts be troubled and DO NOT BE AFRAID!” I’ve chronicled Lydia’s battle with fear and being shy. So, this verse is the perfect one for her. It’s still one of her go-to verses when she’s frightened. I’ve always loved this verse because it says “do not let your heart…” as opposed to, “I will not let your heart…”. There is a significant personal action involved. I want Lydia to know that she has a big role to play in fear or bravery. It’s up to her in one way–to act in the power that Jesus gives.

Now, onto the crafty part. You do recognize the animal don’t you? It’s a duck. Ahem. I know, it looks like the handprint turkeys you make at Thanksgiving. I wanted to use feathers but we didn’t have any. So, we used what we had: Lydia’s hand and crayons.

I’m hoping “E” will score a little higher on the craft-a-licioius scale, but for now here’s some more letter D crafts that might get your craftiness going…and I even added some scriptures you could couple them with.

letter d craft

Donkey Paper Bag Puppet from Danielle’s Place {this one would be great for John 12:15!}

letter d

Light and Dark “D” Dots from DLTK {a cool craft for Genesis 1!}

alphabet scripture

D is for DoctorBag from Our Crafts N Things {maybe Matthew 9:12-13? Or even Luke 7:21-23?)

alphabet craft

D is for Dinosaur from Homeschool Creations {plus tons of other fun “d” activities…but I couldn’t think of a scripture for this one!}

alphabet craft

Door “d” from No Time For Flashcards {ooh, you could use Revelation 3:20 for this craft!}

And don’t forget about the rest of our “D” crafts here on Impress Your Kids—including a Make Your Own Drumset Tutorial!

Do you have a “d” craft? Especially one that has to do with a scripture? Feel free to leave a link in the comments!

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