Keen on Keen {or I Have Shoe Issues Part 2}

Back in January, I told you I had shoe issues. Well, it’s time to revisit my shoe problems. Why? Because I finally bought a pair of shoes. Get ready. And don’t come to any judgment until I explain completely.

Here they are:

newport h2

Yes. They really are that purple.

Here’s the deal. I’ve been wanting a pair of Keens forever. They are cute, slightly rugged but not too granola. (Seriously, look at these cute sneakers!) Well, since I’ve been walking every morning I’ve just been wearing my old Nikes (or whatever I have) and they HURT. Honestly, the second I lace them up, my knee and feet start hurting. At this same time I saw that Jo-Lynne said she ran in her Keens and then started running barefoot. So, I got to thinking that I needed some shoes to let my little piggies move around in.

But the problem is a pair of Keens are like $85. And we all know you could provide a goat for a family in a poor country for that price. So, I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. Then miracle of miracles, was having a sale with Keens 60% off. Sweet. I scoured through every single pair. But in the end, they were either orange or had fur inside. So, I went away keen-less.

Yesterday, my husband says, “I need a new bathing suit. Let’s go over to Dick’s because I have a coupon.” We look. It’s the end of the season, so they have nothing he likes. Then we decide to walk through the shoe department. And what do we find? Some Keens. In the children’s department. And suddenly I think, “Wait. I can wear some kids’ sizes.” I grab a Youth Size 6 and put them on.

And they have not come off since then.

I swear they are the most comfortable shoe of all time. And the striking purple (yes, that’s their real color name) is growing on me. Plus, they were kids’ shoe price AND we got to use the coupon. So, basically I’m pretending I got them for 75% off.

Now you can judge: Frugal? Or Fruitcake?

(And don’t go easy on me. My husband already told me I look like a clown.)


  1. I LOVE when things work out like that! I think God was giving you a desire of your heart!

  2. You’re fun. I think you can pull it off. 🙂

  3. I would totally wear them. For whatever that’s worth! 😀

  4. I’m all for purple shoes, but how do you fit in kids’ sizes? What size are you in women’s shoes?! Anyway, can’t beat 75% off. 🙂

  5. if they are comfortable i say you are FRUGAL and not a fruitcake. in this instance. 😉

  6. Okay this has nothing to do with shoes, but I read your twitter about walking, your audio book walking, and now what shoes to wear when you go walking. I think you need to write a post about what your routine is and how you manage to stay in shape with 2 kiddos, seriously! I get going and then fall off the wagon and it’s really hard to find time because I can take the baby with me in the stroller, but not the toddler. Anyway you may have already talked about this before I found you. If so just send me the link 😉

  7. I think they’re cute! But wait…you can wear kids’ sizes?? My word, how do you stand up on those wee feets? 🙂

  8. purple shoes = awesomeness. Seriously.

    I love Keens – I just don’t have any yet…

  9. Tell Leslie that people who live in “Shai Pandora Station” houses, should not throw stones. Or judge people’s coolness factor. #justsayin

  10. I love them! I want a pair too but purple wouldn’t get it for me. You are young enough to wear that color but I really would look like a clown, oh yeah, I am one.

  11. I buy these each summer for my kids. Even at full price, they are completely worth it. I try to get gender neutral colors because they can be good pass downs. Nordstrom always features them in their Half Yearly sale.

    I have 3 pairs of the basic Keen style, then another three pairs in more normal every day styles. You will tire of them before they wear out.

    And I’m as non-granola as you can get, if that tells you anything 🙂

  12. Keen’s are my favorite!!! I bought a pair two years ago and they are the most comfortable shoe I have EVER had. This year was time to replace them and I scoured the Keen’s available, but couldn’t find ones I loved. So I had to to settle for some cute mary-jane Teva’s. I wish I could say that they are as comfortable as my Keen’s. I really really really wish I could. But I can’t. The only thing I can do is wait for Keen to come out with a super-cute casual sandal that I will love next time. but that ‘next time’ will come way sooner because, again, the Teva’s aren’t very comfortable.

    Enjoy your Keen’s! 🙂

  13. Frugal!!! I bought kid size uggs because they were $50 cheaper. I like them. Just granola enough, just cute enough 🙂

  14. I finally caved and just bought my first pair of Keen’s and I totaly agree with you, they are the most comfortable shoe ever!! I love them!! I didn’t get a good deal like you, but the comfort level almost makes up for the price. Mine are purple too 🙂

  15. I am crunchy, but Keens are a bit too crunchy for me to wear everyday….I’m more of a Converse girl. But I do have a pair for hiking and beach vacations and I must admit that they are the most comfortable shoes that I own. And I have purple ones too!

  16. I also wear a Youth 6 and love Keens so I feel your pain. Have fun!

    I always ask myself the same question after a shoe-splurge, but really, what’s wrong with doing something nice for yourself? Enjoy each step.

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