Bible ABCs: The Letter "C"

alphabet craft scripture letter c

You can learn a lot from me. Not because I am so amazing and creative. Nope. Because I learn (and mess up) as I go. And might as well learn from my mistakes instead of making your own.

Here’s our letter “C” verse from way back when. And apparently the hard-c, soft-c, c-h combination thing didn’t even cross my mind. I picked CAT and a verse that begins with CH. Which doesn’t help Lydia learn her letter sounds whatsoever.

But at least I drew a cute cat, right? Right?! And Lydia did do some nice matching of the black and pink pipe-cleaner whiskers. Just lovely!

I cannot for the life of me remember what else we did with this craft. I’m sure we checked out some “C” books and talked about cats. Or children. However, this verse is ingrained into Lydia’s head. This is one of those we say over and over again. Well, really, my husband and I don’t say it. We ask Lydia, “What’s our ‘C’ verse?” And she’ll say it back to us. Then God’s Word reminds her of what she should be doing and how she should be acting. So, even though it wasn’t a great phonics choice, it was a good choice for my little girl’s heart!

Anyway, if you’d like some cute (and phonetically accurate) alphabet crafts, you MUST download No Time For Flashcard’s Alphabet Crafts ebook. It’s only $8 and totally worth it. (Look at the cute “V” craft Lydia and I did from it!)

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  1. Hi Amanda! Congratulations on winning my holiday scrapbook from Mommy’s Piggy Tales! These ABC scripture pages are fantastic- my daughter is 3 and I am starting to look for homeschooling ideas for her- this is a keeper:) Thank you for the idea! Have a great night.
    .-= Christine:)´s last blog ..High tea table setting- =-.

  2. sleepyknitter says:

    Great post! Did you ever come up with a different “C” verse? I’m looking at your wonderful website and thinking about doing this brilliant “alphabet verse” project with my three-year-old. I think I found your site through Lisa’s “Mama’s Bible” blog, if I remember correctly. Thank you for sharing your efforts!

  3. Jana Green says:

    I LOVe lovelovelovelove this site. I have started this with my just turned 3 year old, and I love it. (Have I said that yet?)
    Anyway, I went to Seed Family Worship and on Seeds of Faith, they have 2Corinthians 5:14.
    Therefore if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; the old is gone, the new has come. (In case you’re interested.)

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