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Has Anybody Told You You're Beautiful? {A Giveaway}

When my husband and I first got married we decided to not watch television for the first year–unless it was a movie we already owned. Strangely, the only movies we owned were Veggie Tales. Yup, college students who stocked up on Veggie Tales! When we finally switched to DVDs, we continued to hoard Veggie Tales […]

Healthy Whole Food Steps: Top Ten {Tuesday}

A few years ago…like 6, I read Eating Well For Optimum Health by Dr. Andrew Weil. It was like a Science textbook. I don’t even know what inspired me to pick it up or finish it for that matter. But I was mesmerized by it. I read every word and the first thing I did […]

2010 Disney World Moms Panel Training Day 4

Do you remember back in March when I updated Day 3 of my Moms Panel Training? The very last line was, “Hope you can wait till August when I update next!”.  I totally wrote that sarcastically KNOWING I would SURELY update before AUGUST! And oh my goodness gracious sakes alive, if I don’t update it […]

Letter G

Here we are at the letter G! This is one of my favorites–it’s my favorite color, one of my favorite fruits, a favorite verse and the craft actually turned out pretty cute. I just drew a bunch of grapes and let Lydia glue some pieces of purple tissue paper on it. I am pretty sure […]

My New Favorite

Photo :: :: :: Asa and our daily popsicle Guilty Pleasure Read :: :: :: Fall Premiere Schedule from TV Guide Giveaway :: :: :: $80 Gift Card to CSN {super cute kids’ stuff!} Printable :: :: :: Pop Up Cards via Scribbit {I never get tired of printables!!} One Minute and Twenty Six Seconds […]


This month we have had record traffic and interaction on Impress Your Kids—in fact, we’ve grown 300% since January! I am so honored and humbled that people are reading and getting involved with the blog. Thank you so much! In honor of YOU, I’m going to link to some people who have been inspired by […]

Take a Hike! (Creative Hikes for Kids)

This is a guest post by my BFF, Staci. She’s a teacher of the year, baker extraordinaire, doting aunt and all around creative genius. I’m so excited to be a part of 2 Weeks of Summer Camp here at Impress Your Kids!  Summer camp has always been a part of my life.  I went to […]