Yancy: Rock-N-Happy Heart {A Giveaway}

rock-n-happy heart

I’m a big fan of kids’ music. I know, some of you think it’s akin to fingernails on a chalkboard. But I like it. It keeps my kids actual KIDS longer. And most of the Christian kids music is filled with scripture. So, to have my kids running around singing scripture? Well, I can’t think of any music I like better than that!

One of my favorite artists is actually a good friend of mine, Yancy. She’s released several mainstream adult contemporary radio kinda music. But recently she’s jumped head first into kids’ music. Rock-N-Happy Heart is for the tweens in your life. Praise Party: My Best Friend is her preschool album. And we listen (and dance) to both of them regularly!

Lydia loves loves loves the preschool album. But I have to admit she feels kinda cool when we listen to “Aunt Yancy’s big kid cd!”. Here’s the thing about Yancy, she’s not just a performer. She’s not just a girl who likes to sing. She’s really  not just someone who wants to sing about Jesus. Yancy wants KIDS to know and follow Jesus from their earliest years. She is a Children’s Pastor’s kid and has grown up in the church–loving and being a part of singing songs to Jesus.

Yancy just released a devotional to go along with her Rock N Happy Heart CD. It is a very cool (very detailed!) book that gives a full week of devotions for each song on the album! There’s tons of scripture, personal stories and some pencil/pen activities. I got it out this week to do one of the devotionals with Lydia. It was definitely too old for her but I think we made it work nicely.

Lydia’s favorite song is “Paid In Full“. Here are some of the lyrics:

C’mon, c’mon I need to testify
How Jesus has come, He changed my life
Healed my broken heart from being lost
Took my hurts and scars at the cross
These things take zero cash
Like a fairytale this love will last

Sickness don’t bother me
Jesus was bruised for me
and now it’s I have a friend who really believes in me
Lonely days are gone Jesus is there for me
If life starts to crumble, push or pull
I have no fear cause Jesus paid in full

Every little thing’s been paid in full
Jesus paid it all, it’s paid in full
I’m forgiven and free I’ve been made whole
Jesus paid it all, it’s paid in full

What a powerful message for a little girl to sing! Whew, it brings tears to my eyes! But it’s a big idea. Yancy gives some great teaching and breaks it down nicely for kids. She starts off  the “Paid in Full” week of devotions with 2 questions:

1. What if you were at a shoe store and someone told you you had to pay for every single shoe in the store and not one of them was for you?

2. What if you picked out several outfits and someone secretly paid for all of them?

How would you feel? I asked Lydia these questions and she thought it was SO funny to pay for all the shoes in a store! We tried to follow the directions in the devotional and draw her favorite shoe. It didn’t quite turn out right…but Asa even got in on it and they had fun.


As they drew I told them that the first question is what happened to Jesus. He had to pay for ALL of our sin, even thought it wasn’t his. The second question is what happened to us–Jesus paid for all of our sin and we didn’t even ask or deserve it.

To help us remember these shoe stories and the verse Yancy put with it, we made some little footprints. I traced Lydia’s (bare) feet and she said, “Mommy. This story is about shoes. I need to have shoes on.” Oh well! Then I wrote the verse on several other pieces of paper.

We put them in order and began to memorize Romans 6:23:

romans 6:23

The important words I wanted her to learn were SIN, DEATH, GIFT and ETERNAL LIFE. So, I wrote those on the foot cutouts and the rest of the words on rectangles. We put them in a long line, then rearranged them into little square and then finally we made a poster of them.

romans 6:23

Lydia didn’t memorize the whole thing that day (I didn’t really push her, either) but she definitly got the four key words down pat. Those simple ideas coupled with the devotional and her favorite song is a huge seed planted in my daughter’s heart. I honestly look forward to the day in her future when this song and scripture pop into her head. Rather, when the Holy Spirit brings it back to her remembrance!

romans 6:23

And hey–it gets even better! Yancy has offered to give away TWO copies of both the CD and the new devotional book! For a chance to win one set, leave me a comment with your favorite kids’ CD (Christian or not) and I’ll announce the winners on our Saturday fyi@iyk post!

If you’d like an additional entry, leave a separate comment if you do any of the following:

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2. Follow and/or like Yancy on facebook and twitter.

3. Post some other place (tumblr, your blog, facebook status, etc.) about this post with a link: http://bit.ly/rockinheart

But even if you don’t win, will you poke around Yancy’s website? Get to know her? Buy her CDs & books? I promise you WILL have a rockin’ happy heart!


  1. elizabeth c. says:

    (does the first comment EVER win?)

    my all time favorite children’s music…is from when i was little — i love the music machine!

  2. We really enjoy the PraiseBaby CDs. It’s fantastic for playing in the background while doing other things, and I love that it is a mix of traditional hymns and contemporary songs.
    .-= Jeni´s last blog ..Do Be Do Be Dooo =-.

  3. I can’t pick a favourite CD, but our favourite kids’ singer is DEFINITELY Colin Buchanan (He’s Australian… and awesome)… he has lots of Christian albums, and a couple of not too.
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday – July 26th =-.

  4. I tweeted 🙂
    .-= Tara´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday – July 26th =-.

  5. We love the Seeds Worship, Bullfrogs and Butterflies, Ask me Whooo, and . But we also love the Wiggleworms, Kids in Motion and Raffi!
    .-= Taylor´s last blog ..Overdue update! =-.

  6. I left a comment on FB
    .-= Taylor´s last blog ..Overdue update! =-.

  7. Right now my daughter loves a ballet music CD she can dance to…

    I’d love to share this with her!

    janemaritz at yahoo dot com
    .-= Jane Maritz´s last blog ..Review-Giveaway- Snikiddy =-.

  8. “Liked” Yancy on Facebook!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. My kids love the Go Fish Guys. Especially the “Snazzy” cd.

  10. We love the Seeds Family Worship – especially Seeds of Courage. We also love the fun Bible memory songs by Colin Buchanan (from Australia). Great stuff!
    I love kids music too, and I’m picky about it. It has to sound like “real” music for me to listen to it! 🙂

  11. This post makes me want to cry, but in a good way. I so long for my children’s hearts to be tender towards Jesus…

    As for our favorite CD. Well, we only really get to listen to music in the car or at bedtime since we lack a house CD player (something which much be remedied and soon) so most of what we listen to are lullaby cds or ones we have borrowed from the library. We just finished listening to James Harriot’s Treasury for Children and I think we all loved that. It’s not music though. We do have a Spanish music CD that y 4 year old really likes. So, anyway, this is a book so say we really don’t have a favorite but we’d like to!

  12. Oh I just did the craft!!! It was a HIT with my 4 year old daughter, Israel! Thank you so much for all your ideas. So much fun!!
    .-= Taylor´s last blog ..Overdue update! =-.

  13. Our favorite kids CD is Slugs & Bugs & Lullabies by Andrew Peterson and Randal Goodgame. Our kids love it, and my husband and I enjoy it as well, which is not always easy with kids music. 🙂

  14. Tammy Middleton says:

    I love One Big Gulp, but our favorite song in the preschool department is Hosanna! We sing it every week!

  15. Is it legal for me to try to win? 😉 if not, discard my comment! Seriously! And we are actually really liking the High Seas Adventure CD for VBS this year!

    Your activity/Bible verse memory tool with this one is fabulous! You always inspire me!

  16. Growing it up it was Psalty’s Praise music. Now that I have my own kids, I want music that we all find catchy but that also has good, solid lyrics.

  17. elizabeth c. says:

    i ‘liked’ yancy’s facebook 🙂

  18. our favorite cd of the moment is EVERYBODY NEEDS GOOD MANNERS by judi the manners lady.

  19. i liked yancy on FB
    .-= ashley lindler´s last blog ..saturday box =-.

  20. i followed yancy on twitter
    .-= ashley lindler´s last blog ..saturday box =-.

  21. I LOVE Seeds Family Worship!
    .-= april´s last blog ..In A Word =-.

  22. I liked FancyNancy on Facebook!
    .-= april´s last blog ..In A Word =-.

  23. We posted about your giveaway at Winning Readings.

    I love the Seeds CDs (with scripture music)!!
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..Waiting on Wednesday- July 28 =-.

  24. Favorite CD is one of the Veggie Tale’s

  25. Our favorite kid CDs would have to be just the old fashion bible songs for kids! We LOVE them

  26. I know begging is completely out of place, but I really want to! I’m so thankful for all of your ideas but a bit overwhelmed with how to parse it all out (I work full time, so I have to keep from hyperventilating at the thought of doing all this in the evenings while she has Easter egg hunts in day care). I realize this is a random drawing, but another blessing would be just a quick prayer that I have discernment, and experience God’s grace as I love my daughter and teach her about Jesus with what I have.

  27. Growing up I loved Psalty’s Praise music. Now we find different favorites from AmberSky records. Yancy you are one of our favorites.

  28. Our kids love Seeds Family Worship, Kari Jobe and Natalie Grant!

  29. We love Yancy’s Praise Party CD in our house. Otherwise they’re fine listening to Christian music on the radio or Pandora.


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