Why I Didn’t Have Time To Post Today

broken leg

Alternate Title: There is none. It’s just as bad and sad and miserable as it looks. So, it wasn’t a strain. He’s got a toddler tibia fracture. That means three weeks of lugging his cute self around. Hold me.


  1. OH NO! I am so sorry for him and for you! I hope you both survive 3 weeks!

  2. Oh poor baby! How did he get that? I feel for you. Praying the both of you.

  3. Oh no!! Poor baby..and mommy!!

  4. That Asa is adorable! sending you good thoughts and lots of patience.

  5. Oh no! At least you he’s finally on the road to recovery. He looks adorable!

  6. Oh. My. Darling. (Both of YOU!)

    Hugs and Love, Mama. I’ll be praying…

  7. Oh girl – that is both adorable and heart breaking at the same time. Yikes. Sending hugs to both of you!


  8. Hope it heals quickly. My daughter had a buckle fracture in both her tibia and fibula a couple weeks after her first birthday. I can sympathize with the carrying around part.

  9. I’m so sorry. Poor Asa!! It’s a good thing toddlers heal so quickly.

  10. Oh, that sweet little one. Hoping for a speedy recovery. Hugs to both of you.

  11. Oh Amanda! My heart is sad for him:( That’s his ENTIRE leg & foot!!! I’m so sorry! ((((HUGS)))) to you both! I’ll call you later & see how I can help.

  12. Oh no!! Poor Him and Poor Mama.
    Will be praying for both of you 🙁

  13. Oh NO! Bless his little heart! I’ll be praying for you both – I’m glad they found it out…

  14. Oh! Praying for you and your family! Thank God for grace since that is the only thing that would get me through a toddler in a full leg cast!

    The bright side…um…he’ll be easier to catch! 🙂 And it is such a pretty bright orange…for now!

  15. Ooooh, so sad!!! That’s quite a cast. Hope the three weeks go by quickly…praying for you!

  16. Poor baby!
    And poor Amanda – I know lugging him around cannot be easy.

    But now, I have to know: did he pick the color of his cast our did you?

    Also, my cousin, now a freshman in high school, broke her arm badly when she was about Asa’s age. Because of the way her arm broke, she had a thick, heavy plaster cast. The youngest of three kids, she would whack people with her cast when they didn’t do what she wanted and say, “love pat!” We still tease her about it today.

  17. Oh no! So sorry. Poor Asa.

  18. Poor guy (and poor you)!! Hope it heals up quickly.

  19. Bless that poor baby’s heart. I’ll pray for the next 3 weeks to pass as quickly as possible! For both of you.

    And the heat! Oh…..

  20. Oh my goodness! 🙁 And during the summer! Not that anytime is good, but the heat and itching… yuck.

  21. I’m so sorry — swift healing for the little guy!

  22. Oh my gosh!

    So I got a text from you with this picture, and my husband said, “Who is this?” And I looked, and I recognized Asa’s adorable towhead, and I said, “Oh, it’s Amanda…maybe her daughter was playing with her phone!” The orange cast? Didn’t see it at. all.

    I can’t imagine! At least it’s “only” three weeks?! Will he be able to learn to walk on it, or are you not supposed to let him do that?!

  23. Oh no poor little guy. My son got a toddler fracture also when he was about 18 months old, so I know the fun your about to go through. He didn’t walk on it for 2 weeks but then he finally starting walking on it, and then didn’t quit until it was removed!

    Sad thing is I have a very similar picture of mine in the car seat after having the cast on. Here where I detailed the events on my blog.


    One thing that made me feel better about it is that my Dr. said it was very common.

  24. Awww poor guy. My nephew had this and soon got used to getting around in his cast. He was 22 months and my brother and SIL were quizzed by social services about it. turned out his older brother had seen him fall off a trike and hit his leg on the pedal. The doctor then said that it fit with his fracture.

  25. That breaks my heart.

  26. very sad….poor little guy!

  27. Poor baby!!! You AND him!!!

  28. Oh, no! Poor kid. Hope the next 3 weeks fly by for the both of you.

  29. Aw…poor baby, poor momma! I hope and pray it heals correctly and quick!

  30. Lori A. says:

    Awwwwww! Poor kiddo. Praying for a quick recovery.

  31. Poor guy! He will do better than you think. And those weeks will fly by. When Eli broke his leg we were told 4-6 weeks, 4 weeks later the cast came off and he was back to running later that night.

    Keep lots of books, colors, blocks, games, etc on hand to keep him entertained until he figures out how to move around in that thing. And he will figure it out. Quickly.

  32. Oh no! My son broke his leg last year (he was two.) It was awful, but really only for a few days. Once he was in the cast, the pain pretty much went away. He was in the cast for six weeks, but he was walking on it by the end of the first week. (The doctor said this was totally fine – to let him do whatever he was comfortable with – your doctor may have said otherwise.) Exactly the same cast location as your son. Hang in there! It will be harder on you than on him, they’re so tough!

  33. Oh no, I’m so sorry. I spent years in a cast as a child and my son spend months in a cast (clubfeet run in our family) so I can understand how difficult this is on both ends. I’ll tell you it’s harder on the mom than the child. Stay strong. 🙂 I know you will! Your blog is so wonderful and so life to me!

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