Top Ten {Tuesday}: Messes I Don’t Wanna Clean Up

I’m not usually chomping at the bits to clean up any mess. But sometimes there are messes you don’t want to clean up because well, they aren’t JUST messes. So, here’s my TOP TEN MESSES I DON’T WANNA CLEAN UP…

1. Asa’s box o’Cars books. He packs all the mini books into it, stands up with it in his hand and says, “Bye, bye!” Seriously, how did he get so grown up? He’s saying sentences all the time. My favorite is “Minutes? G’asses? Up, Mommy?” Which is roughly translated, “How many minutes before you are going to put on your glasses and get out of the bed, Mommy?”

2. My Little House on the Prairie ticket stubs. Lydia still talks about the show and wears her bonnet all the time. She even wore it blueberry picking last week. I love seeing her desire the sweet and not the sassy.

3. Laundry. Lydia and I accidentally on purpose wore the same outfit on Saturday. She was so excited. It made me almost…uncomfortable. She so wants to be like me. *gulp*

mother daughter

4. Cornstarch and sugar on the counter. Lydia, Asa and I made a blueberry pie tonight. (A product of the aforementioned blueberry picking.) Asa had cornstarch all over his head, his face and his clothes. He absolutely loves to cook with me.

5. Sheetrock dust. My husband actually installed some hardware we’ve been needing in the house since we moved in! OVER A YEAR AGO.

6. Lydia’s stickers. She has been keeping a chart since she got went to the dentist entitled, “I Don’t Suck My Thumb!” It is now filled with stickers. She is an official NON-thumb-sucker! I have to admit, I kinda liked my thumb-sucker.

thumb sucker
first time we ever saw Lydia suck her thumb

7. My books. With my I Want To Be Wilder epiphanies I’ve been devouring books about all sorts of things—and not a one of ’em is a novel. This is in fact, novel.

8. The mail. I just got a giftcard to Chipolte from! And John Adams from Netflix. Sadly, that sounds like a date night waiting to happen.

9. My computer. The four of us played with photobooth this weekend. How cute are we?!

photobooth fun

10. The dishes. Because honestly, who does?!

:: :: ::

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  1. I had to laugh about the sheetrock – Pep just hung something the other day & of course he left all the dust. What is up with that?!?! I’m out of blueberries … Staci & I were thinking of going again this week – let us know if you need more & want to go!

  2. First time here! Happy Tuesday!

  3. Girl, we moved in FOUR years ago, and the list of projects is still long…

    Oh, and I want a piece of that blueberry pie, please!

  4. I am SO WITH YOU on #10. Honestly, sometimes I buy paper plates before actually cleaning out the sink. 🙂

  5. Loving the pics of you and Lydia and your family. And the pic of her sucking her thumb? Adorable!!

    We just got a new puppy and I’m dreading cleaning up his messes!

  6. I think I could come up with some worse messes, Amanda. 🙂 But some of those are pretty sweet. Happy Tuesday!

  7. It took me at least 2 weeks to clean up a dead spider I saw in a little-used room. Even dead, they creep me out.

  8. Very very creative, I must say 🙂

  9. Aw, I never want to clean up the girls’ school work for the year. I save just about everything in boxes, and I want to keep every piece of paper with their handwriting on it. And it DOES make a mess in our utility room!

  10. Love this list. Yup, all good things to avoid cleaning up (or rather, finding someone else to do it). In our house I’d add cleaning up cat litter. Not so much cleaning the stuff in the box but rather all the little, tiny, dusty pieces of cat litter that seem to trail all through the house! I’ve been training my 8yo to take care of the cats. Lucky for me she sees it as a treat, for the moment.


  11. Laundry! Reminds me I need to go switch mine…

  12. The mess I didn’t want to clean up was my husbands when he left for his overseas tour. I know it’s terrible, but I didn’t want to move his clothes for anything. At least it felt like he’d be coming home any second then. I love the picture of Lydia sucking her thumb. 🙂

  13. I have lots of messes I don’t want to clean up too… particularly the one in the TV room that the boys made today 🙂

  14. Ahh the thumb sucking…..I must say the picture of Lydia as a baby is adorable….look at all that hair! My thumb sucker is now 5.5 y/o. I try not to make a big deal out of it…but will inconsistently cue her it during the day….we try to reserve thumb sucking for bedtime….seems like such a hard habit to break and it has become so unconscious for her.

  15. Congrats on graduating from thumb sucking, but boy was she cute. That is some awesome hair! I also LOVE the photo of the 2 of you matching, precious.


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