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  1. MainlineMom
    July 5, 2010

    That looks like a lovely trip!! The food looks divine…I’m drooling over here.

  2. mandi@itscome2this
    July 5, 2010

    Ok, so I’ll have one of each food item that you just put in my face!! Yummy!! Glad you two got away & had some fun … I’m jealous:)

    • Dhytabhona
      August 6, 2012

      my heart. I turned back, the sun was there and a bunch of Tattoo an anmitaion film premiere. Nacho Mountain Film Premiere Christopher Elston PhotographyWe braved the snow storm on Saturday and went to the The Grand Theater in East Greenville,

  3. Sheri
    July 5, 2010

    First time playing!

  4. Merry120
    July 5, 2010

    I have been to Greenville once a long time ago but it was for work & I didn’t see anything. I would definitely like to go back. It looks like you had an awesome trip!

  5. Chels
    July 6, 2010

    Thanks for the little tour! That mouse hunt really is a cool idea and those pancakes look yummy! Wish I lived close to Greenville, SC!

  6. SpitFire
    July 6, 2010

    I love anything lemon, so that lemon ricotta pancake looks & sounds highly edible.

    My mother in law lives in SC, so the next time we visit her, I’ll have to get Gunlover to take us to Greenville. I love quirky, random towns that you never hear about!

    • Jubjib
      August 4, 2012

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  7. Carolyn
    July 6, 2010

    Sounds like a good time was had by all!

  8. Alicia’s Homemaking
    July 6, 2010

    You had me at pimiento cheese…*sigh*

  9. Mary-Carolyn
    July 6, 2010

    Oh I needed to know all of this! Hubby and I are invited to a wedding in Greenville this fall, and I was sort of hoping we could turn it into a little vacation. It’s been ages since I’ve been to Greenville, so I wasn’t sure if there’d be enough to do – no worries now!

  10. Sarah
    July 6, 2010

    OH, I haven’t been to G-ville in about three years . . . my sister lives in Simpsonville. I didn’t know about the mice – will be fun to hunt them down if I go with my children. Great list!

  11. Gayle Rogers
    July 6, 2010

    I wish your link colors were darker. I can’t always see them when they are embedded in the message. Just a suggestion.

  12. Betsy (Eco-novice)
    July 6, 2010

    Hope I make it there someday. Lovely photos.

  13. Hillary @ The Other Mama
    July 6, 2010

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who judges a town and a trip by their food! Sounds like you ate your way through there like a champ!!

    • Dores
      August 6, 2012

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  14. Erin G
    July 6, 2010

    girl, you know I love you. But I can’t believe you went to Greenville and didn’t go wander around the lake at Furman (my alma mater)! It’s the prettiest place in town. :)

    Love that you’re sending some props to one of my favorite southern towns. :)

  15. Amy
    July 7, 2010

    I loved all the info from your trip. We did a trip recently to a little town close to home. Sometimes I think we forget about the great places that are right in our own backyards.
    Thanks for hosting!!

  16. Brittany
    July 7, 2010

    It looks like you squeezed alot into a short amount of time! Those lemon ricotta pancakes… Wow! They sound amazing. I am off to look for a recipe after I leave your site. Thanks for hosting Top Ten Tuesdays. I just started participating and am really enjoying it!

  17. Shawna
    July 8, 2010

    I LOVE mini vacations. Sounds like yours was amazing!

  18. Melissa Stewart
    September 12, 2010

    I am so glad you enjoyed our mini city! I have grown up in this area my whole life and can’t imagine living anywhere else. Although I threaten to move every summer (when the humitiy can be unbearable) I never make good on my threats.
    You simply MUST visit our amazing mountains next time you come our way. You are just a hop, skip, and jump away from the blue ridge mountains and believe me it is nothing short of heaven on earth.
    The best way to go is through table rock (hwy 11), make a stop at ceasars head, go into the cute town of Brevard NC and into Pisgah National Forest. From here you can take a drive up to the blue ridge parkway. It’s about 2 hours from Greenville.
    Make sure you stop to get some boiled peanuts on the side of the road, some fresh pressed apple cider, some homemade fudge, and see some beautiful water falls!
    FYI, spring (late April-Mid May) and fall (early October-early November) is the best time for such a trip.
    Hope ya’ll come back soon!

  19. Patrick Carroll
    June 16, 2011

    Thanks for this. I’m going to Greenville this weekend, and this will be my vacation guide.

  20. Heidi
    August 19, 2011

    Headed to Greenville this weekend, thanks for all the GREAT information!

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      August 4, 2012

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  21. Jayanta
    May 23, 2012

    What a beautiful video Steve as sonoeme expecting in the not too distant future, this got all my maternal love flowing tonight! What a beautiful family you have and what a gorgeous little baby boy. I hope Evelyne is well and that you are all enjoying these first very precious few days with your gorgeous boys .Annabel xXx

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  23. Romelia
    July 25, 2012

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  25. Rian
    August 4, 2012

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    August 5, 2012

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  27. Andrea
    May 6, 2014

    Love this post! I live in Greenville and LOVE everything about it!! Thanks for sharing and lease visit again!! I also love the Top Ten Tuesday idea…. I will most definitely join in on that! Stop by and visit my blog – I’d love to hear from you

  28. Palmetto Home and Garden
    August 27, 2014

    Greenville is a fun place and this blog post definitely highlights that! Don’t forget to stop by Palmetto Home & Garden; Over 6000 sq ft of home decor, some even local vendors to the Upstate. Look forward to seeing you there!

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