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Pasta Dying at Moments of Mommyhood List of Best Picture Books at Holy Experience {some of my faves are on this list!} Happy Sunday at Joy’s Hope {isn’t that nice?} Around the World in 40 Weeks {amazing idea for teaching, crafting and learning with your kids!} DIY Notebooks & Crayons…to Haiti with love from Ashley […]

Why I Love Social Media #247

Last night I had this urge to read a book. Actually, I wanted a new audiobook for my walks. So, I did what any normal person would do. I asked my social media networks. First facebook: Then twitter: And did yall come through or what?! Here is the current list of suggestions (it’s still growing!): […]

Birthday Books & Illustrators

I love the idea of a birthday box—a special box full of birthday books that you only pull out once a year. I first heard of this idea from Vanessa (my irl friend and awesome contributor here on IYK) and she has some awesome birthday book suggestions on her blog. My son’s birthday is coming […]


We don’t set alarms around here. I can usually make myself wake up whenever I need to be up. My son wakes up at 6:30, so we usually don’t NEED to get up any earlier than that anyway. But this morning my husband set his alarm for 5:30. He is playing golf (which he never […]

Scripture Alphabet: The Letter B

I told you I was going to post all the ABC scriptures Lydia and I did before I started this blog. Well, the letter A was a pretty good one. But when I realized *this* was all I had for the letter B, I thought, “Oh, wow. That’s a little embarassing.” Not too crafty. Not […]

Four Generations. A Retro Photo.

Four generations. 1977. This is my great-grandfather, my grandmother, my dad and me. And even if it wasn’t adorable to see me as a baby, or think about my great-grandfather getting his picture taken as the patriarch of the family or see my grandmother so young and sweet–this picture would be worth MY DAD’S HAIR. […]

Yancy: Rock-N-Happy Heart {A Giveaway}

I’m a big fan of kids’ music. I know, some of you think it’s akin to fingernails on a chalkboard. But I like it. It keeps my kids actual KIDS longer. And most of the Christian kids music is filled with scripture. So, to have my kids running around singing scripture? Well, I can’t think […]