Funky Friday

I am in a funk.  This week has really taken it out of me for some reason.  I need to end the week on an up-note, so I went through some of our files, and here’s what I think might be on the docket for today:

Wow – I’m already feeling better about the day!  Let’s see if this little bit of planning can get me out of my funk!  What’s your plan for the day?


Did you see some of the exciting new websites that launched this week?  The MOB Society for mothers of boys, Raising Homemakers for mothers of girls, and Scripture Dig, for all of us!  What a great week for blog-land!


  1. Wow, I was so in a funk too this week! I always like your ideas, they help me out of my funk too!

  2. We did muffin tin lunches on Wednesday and my boys absolutely loved it!

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