Reaching Their Hearts: The MOB Society

Welcome guest blogger, Erin! Erin is a follower of Jesus Christ, wife to a med student and stay-at-home mom to two young boys.  She writes about faith, family and fun at Home With the Boys.  She is also a contributor for Gather Inspirit and will be attending the Relevant Conference.  You can also connect with her on Twitter @homewiththeboys!

mob society

Devotions.  Bible stories.  Sunday school songs.  Veggie Tales.

SO many resources and tools out there to use with your children when trying to make God part of their everyday life.

But NONE of these make any difference without us as parents in the picture.

You can read a devotion with your child EVERY night, but unless you talk about it, ask and answer questions, give examples, it is unlikely it will stick with him or her.

Stick in a Veggie Tales movie and they may learn the story, but will they internalize the important stuff if you don’t talk about it?  Maybe, maybe not.

Yes, I believe that the Word of God never returns void, but I don’t just want my children to recite Bible verses and tell Bible stories.

I want them to GET IT.  And I want to be the one who helps the GET IT.  That is our job as parents and believers after all, right?!

One problem for me:  I have boys.  I am a girl.  I only have a sister.

Ok, that was several things but they create one problem in that I do not understand how the boy mind works.

So, I am on a mission.  And I now have several people coming alongside to help.

The MOB Society (Mothers Of Boys) started on my blog as a way for ME to get some help as a mother of boys trying to raising godly young men.

But God had bigger plans – doesn’t He always?!

I thought once a month – we’re already at once a week.  I thought it would be part of my blog – He led us towards a MOB Society blog (in the works).  He even led to a fabulous partner in Brooke from A Life in Need of Change.

And the interest has been overwhelming.  We obviously need each other.

If you are mother of boys – one, two or more than a few; old or young or in between – please join us as we encourage and learn from one another in using the Word of God to lead our boys to the Lord.  No fad parenting, no trying to change them – just reaching our boys as they are and with God at the center.

To get connected with The MOB Society, you can read more here, follow us on Twitter (and the #mobsociety hashtag) and “like” us on Facebook!


  1. I am so “signing” up to be a part of your MOB group! I need all the help I can get figuring out my boys!

  2. As a mommy to a new boy and two bigger girls (and an only child myself) this looks exciting.

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