Top Ten {Tuesday}: The Great Urban Race Atlanta

great urban race

Saturday Staci and I participated in the most fun thing I’ve done in…maybe ever. It’s the local, cheap, short version of The Amazing Race. Teams of two race through their city doing stunts, taking pictures and unscrambling clues. It was literally GREAT.

Staci already recapped it brilliantly but here are my…


1. My BEFORE video.

2. Our Tshirts. Tell me you don’t want one of those! I’m taking orders.

great urban race atlanta

Team #sisterchicks for the win!!

3. Our Marta Breeze Card. We were only allowed to use public transportation. And in Atlanta that’s Marta. We were super smart and got a Breeze card so we could just tap it at the turnstiles and go. No tokens or feeding money into a machine for us. Too bad that probably the only smart thing we did all day.

On the Marta

4. Our Socks. The clues covered everything from Gold’s Gym to jalapenos to Chipotle. This clue was to find the Boys and Girls Club in Atlanta and deliver a pair of socks. Great idea, right? Well, if we had read the clue BEFORE we got to the Boys and Girls Club we would know that. And we could have bought a pair of socks when we were at CVS buying a MAP of Atlanta and a newspaper for another clue. Instead, we had to go to the Alliance Theatre gift shop and buy a $9 pair of socks with a music note on them. Some little boy is going to LOVE those.

We had to donate a pair of socks to the Boys & Girls Club of America

5. The Clue Sheet. Staci can tell you how we got our clue list before everyone else. (WE WERE BRILLIANT.) But it didn’t help too much. NEXT TIME we will solve EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY CLUE and get locations on a map or entered into a GPS. However, I will say that having a pen AND a Sharpie was good, too. After we finished a clue we clearly marked it up so we wouldn’t have to look at it again. And apparently, we are the only ones who did this. We were given the unofficial award of having the MOST Marked Up Paper.

We're almost done!

6. Our Googlers. The Great Urban Race encourages all forms of help. If we didn’t know an answer we could call someone to google it or figure it out. We used a GPS and an iPhone the entire time. Mandi and Becky were on call to answer our questions. Which we did about every 5 minutes. We even called Staci’s dad to look through the newspaper for us. He found the hidden clue in the classified section and read it to us over the phone! We smirked every time we saw a racer looking thru a newspaper on the side of the road!

Here’s Mandi’s desk during the race: two computers and lots of stickies! (Are those from Cracker Barrel, Mandi? And is that picture upside down?!)


7. My BFF. I’ve known Staci since 1980. I was like 4. We don’t have to do stuff to be friends. We just are. We have the most fun together. There was no crazy screaming or whining during our Great Urban Race. We might not have won, but I doubt anyone had more fun than us!

Jumping in front of the Underground sound

8. Horrible Photos of Myself. We tried to document the entire race. PLUS, we had to take LOTS of pictures to complete the clues. Here I am eating an entire jalapeno pepper to complete a clue.

Amanda had to eat a jalepeno pepper!

9. Our start & finish mat. Unfortunately, that #1 I’m flashing? It was in sarcasm. This was us leaving with our tails tucked between our legs.

At the finish line

10. My AFTER video.

There are still TONS of races in 2010. Check out the Great Urban Race website for dates. You should totally do one with your BFF! I’ll be your googler!

:: :: ::

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It’s fun and I’m telling you these people are SO creative! I’m making a list of Top Ten lists I want to copy! You guys inspire me! Thank you for participating every week. I love seeing your links, your comments and your tweets.

And hey, let’s try something new today! Will everyone find their favorite Top Ten {Tuesday} post of the day and tweet it with the hashtag #toptentues? Wouldn’t that be a nice surprise? (Thanks to Sarah for the idea!)

Happy Tuesday!

all photos by staci


  1. This sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!!! So fun!
    .-= Heather @ Not a DIY Life´s last blog ..Ten Ways to Garden in Small Spaces =-.

  2. Awww…I got a little teary eyed reading #7! I love that about us…we’re friends just because we ARE!

    And I must thank you for the beatiful shots of me in those video stills.

    GUR: 2011: #Sisterchicks: Back with a vengeance!!

    Love you!
    .-= Staci Brown´s last blog ..Top Ten Tuesday – Earth Day & GIVEAWAY =-.

  3. Great list; I love it! My favorite is number #7. I can you girls are really having an amazing time! :)

    ~Aubree Cherie
    .-= Aubree Cherie´s last blog ..My Fav (Top 10) Recipes from Last Week (04-12 to =-.

  4. Oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun! I also like number 7–everyone needs a friendship like that!

    Thanks for sharing!!
    .-= Ally´s last blog ..How to Handle Family Conflict =-.

  5. Loved watching the vids! :) You two are so cute! Looks like a total blast!!!
    .-= Catie´s last blog ..Saturday Skinny =-.

  6. LOVE it!! 1) Yes – Cracker Barrel Sticky Notes (#savvyblogging) – good eye!! 2) Yes, it’s sideways & super blurry – cell phone! I seriously felt like a ran a race from my kitchen table!!

    And btw – that “horrible picture” looks just like your mom!! Not that she’s horrible, but that I’ve seen her make that same face before!!

    Next time girls – next time!!
    .-= mandi@itscome2this´s last blog ..Top ten tuesday … memes =-.

  7. Looks like fun! I’ve been looking forward to this post! (oh, and your hair looks nice and short! :) )
    .-= vanessa´s last blog ..books for babies and a baby for me =-.

  8. How fun! I wish we had something like that where I live. I would totally do it. It would be a great excuse to finally get that iPhone I’ve been drooling over.
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..Sunday Dinner (Guest Post) =-.

  9. What a fun activity! I’d love to do something like this. Maybe when my husband is done with medical school and we have our life back!
    .-= Amber @ Because Babies Grow Up´s last blog ..Top Ten: Ways to Celebrate Earth Day and a Giveaway =-.

  10. Oh my word, that looks like fun! The Amazing Race is one of our favorites… Go Cowboys! Anywhoo… it would take 2.7 seconds to complete a race in my “town” so maybe I’ll just join you next time. :)

  11. AHHHHHH, can you believe that I’ve never heard of this AND the Philly race was this past Saturday?!? This looks like so much fun. I have to put this on my radar for next year!!
    .-= Jen @ Little Bit This n That´s last blog ..Top Ten No-Fail Gifts for Women =-.

  12. How fun! That is so awesome that you guys got to participate in that together. The tweeting your favorite Top Ten thing is awesome too. I think I’ll do that!

  13. The Urban Race sounds like crazy fun! I missed posting last week and couldn’t wait to jump back in.
    .-= Terri´s last blog ..Top Ten {Tuesday}: Ten Ways to Feel Like A Child Again =-.

  14. How fun!!! We live in Atlanta too and I’ve heard about this race before…glad you had fun!
    .-= Candi @ Family Stamping and FOOD!´s last blog ..RECIPE: Chocolate Mice =-.

  15. Oh wow,that sounds like fun!
    .-= Amy´s last blog ..Sunday Highlights: imPOSSIBLE: Letting Go of Your Baggage =-.

  16. An entire jalepeno!!!! Oooooouch.

    Love the T-shirts. :)

    .-= Alicia´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday–April 19th =-.

  17. That just seem like so much fun! I enjoyed reading both of your recap posts!
    .-= Christine (iDreamofClean)´s last blog ..Clean a Microwave the No Hassle Way =-.

  18. oh my word! That looks like so much fun!! I’m going to check if there’s one in Boston.
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..Top Ten Tuesday =-.

  19. That looks like so much fun! I would love something like that! Favorite team, that IS something. Good for you!
    .-= jen´s last blog ..I’m a giver. =-.

  20. Amanda…I am so jealous! That looked like total fun! What a great post 😉 And the shirts are super-uber awesome!! 😉
    .-= maria´s last blog ..Spring Break 2010 =-.

  21. That looks like so much fun! I wish it was coming to my little town…I’d be down with it!
    .-= amber´s last blog ..Top Ten Ways to Quiet Your Demons. =-.

  22. Oh my goodness, how fun! I totally wish I could do something like that, but I am a.) too massive and slow at the moment (not to mention I need to use the bathroom far too often) and b.) would know nothing about the locations of where I currently live. It would be a great way to get to know my town!

    Also, I can’t believe how much Top Ten Tuesday has grown — I need to get my listing back on and dive back in!
    .-= Mary-Carolyn´s last blog ..What I Do =-.

  23. What a great idea. I just posted my first top 10 and have already made notes on future lists (even though in general I’m not much of a list person). Hmm, maybe there’s a list in that 😀
    .-= Carrie Anne´s last blog ..Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Things I’ve Learned from a Sleepover =-.

  24. Oh my stinkin’ gosh!!!! I sooooo want to do that! I looked on the list and my city is on it, so I sent the link to my friend (fellow Amazing Race junky, seeing how my hubs isn’t interested, whatever!) and maybe the two of us will do it when it comes to town. I’ll let you know! :)
    .-= Deanne´s last blog ..My Husband Loves Me Because I’m Cheap =-.

  25. How very fun! I was googling flags for you guys, too! I was supposed to be doing my chemistry homework, but…
    .-= KAT´s last blog ..Can I stop now? =-.

  26. Ok you don’t know me AT ALL but I have had you in my reader for a while because: 1.) jill at the diaper diaries likes you, and I like her. 2.) you make lists, and I like lists. 3.) I secretly covet your trendy hairdo and wish I had the cahones to pull it off myself. 4.) you are a fellow southerner and we need to stick together. Insofar as “sticking together” means “taking months to delurk” but… whatevs. 5.) see how I just took an opportunity to make another list? impressed? you should be.


    I just wanted to say that I had never heard of this urban race thing until I read this post, and in the last few days I have picked a teammate, picked a location (WASHINGTON DC!!!) and have big plans to get in shape in the next few weeks (ahem). Now we just need a team name so we can register. So… thanks for the idea!!!

    .-= Erin G´s last blog ..Greenville, SC: Old and New Friends =-.

  27. Janine M. says:

    I found this post while researching the Great Urban Race. I loved it! My bff and I are running the Boston race on June 5th and now I want to take you up on your offer to be my Googler! If you were serious, email me. If you weren’t, I enjoyed reading your blog and will take your helpful tips to heart. Thanks!
    Janine Moran

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  29. Amanda,
    I don’t know you at all, but I loved reading about your experience with your friend on GUR. My friend Tammy and I are getting ready to participate in the GUR in Minneapolis. We have never done it before, but we are super excited. We have noticed in lots of the photos of GURs from this year, competitors having microphones. Did you have to sing for one of your clues?

    • We didn’t have to do mics, but I’m assuming all the cities are different. So, who knows what you might have to do. It is SO fun! Just make sure you figure out EVERY SINGLE CLUE FIRST before you leave. You will do MUCH better that way! And make sure you have a GPS with coordinates on it! :)

  30. Can you tell me how you all got the clues ahead of time? I tried looking at your link to stacis page and it looks like its no longer up.

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