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Final Travel Checklist *updated*

I’ve laid out 3 of 5 outfits. I am supposed to wear capris, pants or long skirts. I have none of those. Jeans, yes. But anything else cool and appropriate? Nope. I still need to charge my camera and find all appropriate computer cords. I grabbed some tortelinni and ravioli for quick lunches for the […]

God wants us to be helpful!

We’re slowly making our way through the Christian Character Traits list we started at the beginning of the year… And it’s time we started thinking about how God wants us to be HELPFUL: ready to serve at any time! ‘They help each other. They say to one another, “Be Strong!” (Isaiah 41:6).’ If you’ve been […]

Prairie Bread: Things I Love Thursday

I’m sitting at my kitchen table and I just ate a granola bar for breakfast. And my stomach is still growling. (Makes me feel bad for the kids who ate a Pop-Tart for breakfast and are sitting in school today. Just sayin’.) I usually make the kids pancakes or oatmeal in the mornings. Today, they […]

online bible verse craft and activity resource

I struggle with finding good Bible resources for my three-year-old. Usually, the things I see are beyond her developmental stage or are just really boring! So, I was excited to come across this site the other day: ABC, I Believe Christian Homeschooling and More. It offers a comprehensive set of activity ideas, lessons, and printables […]

Spread The Word: World Vision Button (FINALLY)

My good friend, Mandi from Organizing Your Way just fixed my button. I didn’t even ask her. She just emailed me. This is how wonderful she is. I love her and you should, too. Anyway, will you grab this button? Will you post it somewhere others can see? And when you see it, will you […]

Clubhouse Junior: Paper Prayer Chain

When Lydia turned 4 the main present I wanted to get her was a subscription to Cluhouse, Jr. I loved getting I was a little girl. And I knew Lydia would be so excited to get her own magazine in the mail. And I was right! She constantly asks, “When is MY magazine coming, Mommy?” […]

Fine Lines: A Retro Photo

My husband’s paternal grandfather’s maternal grandparents. :: :: :: see more cool pictures at wordless wednesday, 5minutesformom and totally toni!