Sensory Tub: Quick Fun for Kids and Parents

sensory tub beans

I am writing to you from my brand new MacBook Pro! Last week Lydia spilled a glass of water on my old laptop and it died immediately! The only computer I had was my husband’s work computer. It’s not a Mac and it felt like I was using all thumbs and one eye to type. I’m an official Mac-girl and was lost! So, I’m sorry I wasn’t around last week. I couldn’t get here and I was missing you!

While we were computer-less, it decided to snow again. So random in Georgia. Especially because the day before we were outside playing in 65 degree weather! So, when you are computer-less AND snowed in you need some fun and quick ideas to entertain and teach.

I finally decided to make a sensory tub for the kids. I just poured in a few bags of dried beans and gave the kids some measuring spoons. They did not move for a half an hour. Just pouring the beans in and out, hiding their hands and letting the beans drop through their fingers is an adventure!

sensory tub

I’ve read about sensory tubs on other blogs but for some reason never thought to do it. I didn’t understand what it was. And I still don’t–all I know is that my kids love it! It’s great when I’m cooking, they can sit right beside me and stir, mix and play.

Or they can throw the beans on the floor and make a mess while drooling all over your measuring spoons.

sensory tub

Either way, it’s a fun time!


  1. We love sensory tubs! I should do them more often, but HATE the mess. I finally started putting down a shower curtain on the floor beforehand to make clean-up easier. We’ve done beans, colored rice, pom-poms, and an oatmeal/confetti mixture so far. I bought a collection of measuring cups, spoons, scoops, funnels, and other kitchen items at the dollar store that we keep in another tub just for use in the sensory tubs.
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..Anatomy of Another Mess =-.

  2. Oh yeah-my last blog post just happened to be about the rice sensory tubs…
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..Anatomy of Another Mess =-.

  3. Did Asa really not try to eat the beans and stuff? I’d love to do stuff like this with Libbie but anything new she tries to eat. Playdough, sticks, etc…
    .-= Vanderbilt Wife´s last blog ..Sweet Beet & Heat Salad =-.

  4. Juliet loves playing with a big bowl of dried beans or rice or anything else she can mix and pour and then dump on the floor! Messy, but so entertaining! Glad the kids enjoyed it.

    Sorry to hear about your computer dying, but glad you got a new one! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
    .-= vanessa@silly eagle books´s last blog printable abc prints =-.

  5. Love this idea, I always have extra dry beans in the house! Your computer story is just like mine. My son spilled a cup of coffee (don’t worry it was cold) on my PC. I was so upset, until I realized that this was a great opportunity… to finally get my Mac. I ran out and got a MacBook, and I’ve never been so happy. I doubt we’ll ever get a PC again! 🙂


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