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My New Favorite

Photo:: :: :: Lydia and me playing on PhotoBooth (I know, it’s actually cute!) Local Column:: :: :: MINE! I’m a new Family Columnist at! Post I Could Have Written:: :: :: I Want To Be An Ant When I Grow Up by Jodilightful Carnival I Want To Join:: :: :: 52 New with […]


Let’s join in the DIFO Project #3 World’s Largest NERF Party! {I’m going to look for some more age-appropriate Nerf Toys that my boys can use to join in the fun!} Valentine’s Day is for the Birds at Today’s Housewife {really late for Valentine’s Day – but you could use any shape for these fun […]

God wants us to be intelligent…

The next page in our “God Wants Me To Be” book taken from our Christian Characteristic Traits list is: Intelligent – Someone who is eager to learn! Proverbs 1:5a says, “Let wise people listen and add to what they have learned.” I love that in God’s eyes it is not our IQ that makes us […]

Haiti & Kenya and Compassion

What are you doing tomorrow night? Wanna go to a concert? Wanna help some people in Haiti? How ’bout do both? Compassion is hosting Help Haiti LIVE tomorrow night (February 27) 7:30CT. There are tons of performers: Big Kenny, Alison Krauss with Union Station featuring Jerry Douglas, Jars of Clay, Mat Kearney, Jon Foreman, Matt […]

Marriage, Fighting and Making Up

Last night my husband and I got into a fight. It was a pretty good one in that we both ended up rolling over in bed and going to sleep with our backs to each other. I may have even muttered, “UNBELIEVABLE.” before I turned out the light. Nothing like a good fight before you […]

Parenting Lessons In Cooking

Lately Lydia and I have been cooking while Asa takes his first nap. I am not a cook by nature. My dad and brother are the chefs in the family. They love food and understand how it works together. I just follow recipes. I was recently introduced to once a month cooking (also called batch […]

praying with your kids: prayer box

Vanessa is a regular contributor to Impress Your Kids. She is a stay-at-home mom to an energetic three-year-old, Juliet. They spend their days together reading books, attempting crafts, and occasionally beating tree trunks with large sticks. You can read more about their adventures at Silly Eagle Books We’ve been praying with Juliet ever since she […]