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2009: A Blog In Review

This is my favorite way to recap the year. I mean, honestly, a blogger recapping the year? How vain can you get? Like I don’t document every second of my day anyway. But for some reaosn it makes me laugh to see the first line of my first post of each month. Also, it always […]

Top Ten {Tuesday}: Best Gifts Given or Recieved This Christmas

1. Vtech Tote and Go Laptop The way Lydia loves her new pink plastic laptop makes me wonder if I love my laptop too much! Here she is emailing my cousin from California. “Mommy! Everyone keeps emailing me because I got a new computer!” 2. Mary Poppins on Broadway The last two years, my in-laws […]

Worst Christmas Gift Idea Ever

My mom has 2 sisters. One lives about 5 minutes from me. The other? About 15 hours. We rarely get to see her and her family. It’s sad because when I was born, all my aunts still lived in Atlanta. And since I was the first grandchild/niece I was quite the center of attention. So, […]

How to Wrap and Detangle Christmas Lights!

I know, I’ve posted this at least once on my blog before. I can’t help it. This is by far the best packing up tip ever!  If you are a REAL Christmas fan and have a REAL Christmas tree decked out with multiple strands of lights, then you need to know this! All you do […]

My New Favorite

Picture :: :: :: Asa in his new orange Nod Chair. Food :: :: :: Leftover Cheeseball from Heaven Activity :: :: :: Sleeping Later Than The Kids (hoping my husband gives this to me as a late Christmas gift) Blu-Ray :: :: :: Season Two of Pushing Daisies (best gift ever!!) Day :: :: […]

O Holy Night!

We sang this song at church last week. And it was like hearing it for the first time. By the time the song was done, I had tears streaming down my face. On this Christmas Day, when you have a second, would you slowly read the words? Pretend you never heard Josh Groban or Nat […]

With love from, Leigh, Elias & Donovan and Amanda, Lydia & Asa