Fruit of the Spirit: LOVE & Compassion: Cherry Fingerprints

cherry fruit of the spirit love

Whenever we send a letter to one of our Compassion kids, I try to get Lydia involved. She usually draws or colors a picture but lately I’ve been feeling kind of bad about that. Imagine being a 7 year old girl in Burkina Faso. And getting so excited to receive a letter (and hopefully gift) from your sponsor, only to discover some scribble scrabble from a 3 year old! Lately I’ve tried to do more crafts that are actually cute–even if a 3 year old did make it.

Since we’re focusing on LOVE and using CHERRIES to help us remember this Fruit of the Spirit, we decided to make CHERRY CARDS. I found a cute cherry coloring sheet online (and I…uh, totally forgot where I found it) and decided that fingerprint stamping would be so fun with this because we can make FINGERPRINT HEARTS!

I busted out the stamp pads (Lydia’s fave!) and showed her how to do it, “Point your finger towards one corner of the paper and press down. Now point to the other top corner and press down. See? You have a heart.”

fingerprint stamp
it looks like a heart, right?

Apparently, she did NOT see because this is how our cherries ended up:

fruit of the spirit cherry love

And yet, even without the hearts, they turned out super cute. Especially after I cut them out and attached them to the front of a folded piece of construction paper. We wrote JESUS LOVES ALIZETA and JESUS LOVES DAVID on the inside and Lydia decorated it with stickers.

They were so cute I stuck them right in the envelope and didn’t even take a picture of them. I think Alizeta and David will like them a lot better than the Princess coloring page Lydia was working on a few days ago. Plus, I like the idea of her fingerprints being in their house. It’s a close connection!

More fingerprint art:

Fingerprint Fun (a huge list of animals and objects you can make with your fingerprints!)

I Can Finger Paint an Usborne Playtime Book (I have this one and it has ADORABLE finger painting ideas!)

More flat crafts even your youngest kids can make AND older kids will like:

Sparkly Craft Foam Frame (this was our Christmas gift last year!)

First Name Initials (I just thought of this–how cute to make a fun initial for your kids? We’d have to do D for David and A for Alizeta!)

Felt Finger Puppets (these are African animals, which would be awesome for our kids. This version is a little too hard for Lydia, but we could glue instead of sew and it would be super fun!)

Want to sponsor a child of your own? Visit Compassion right now!

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  1. “Apparently, she did NOT see because this is how our cherries ended up”

    LOL… this is how all of our craft projects go. Parenting directly attacks my perfectionist tendencies ALL. THE. TIME. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing the cute idea! AG loves stamping, too!
    .-= Kristi_runwatch´s last blog ..He weeps with us =-.

  2. So cute! I love this!!!


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    Fruit of the Spirit: LOVE & Compassion: Cherry Fingerprints

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