I Just Listened to a Great Book: The NIrV Little Kids Adventure Bible

Lydia and I love audio books. When we go to the library we hit up the picture books, the I Can Read Books, any books the librarians have put out on the top of the shelves for easy access AND the audio books. We’ve listened to so many “classics” that I never read as a kid. It just makes driving in the car more fun when we have an exciting book to listen to.

We live right in the middle of two different libraries, so while we were at one of these libraries the other day, I noticed a slew of Adventures in Odysseycds in the audio section. SCORE! As I was deciding which one to get I found another Christian book–NIrV Little Kids Adventure Audio Bible. I was curious to see how a 3 year old would respond to an audio version of the Bible. And even more curious to see how cheesy the recording might be. (You know its true!)

However, we are onto the THIRD cd and we both love it! The other day she said, “Mommy can we pleeeease listen to the Bible?” Here’s what I like about it:

1. It’s read by several actors. They are all children. I know it sounds weird to have Jesus be an 8 year old boy, but for some reason it makes for nice and easy listening. Plus some of their little lisps are just cute!

2. It’s organized well. Is that weird? What I mean is they say the chapter headings and chapter numbers. And since most of the Bible is separated into small sections, it’s not hard to follow along.

3. There are some cute extras throughout. For example, during the story of Jesus’ dedication at the temple, there was a little ditty and an adult’s voice came on to explain why Mary and Joseph offered a dove for the sacrifice. It kind of breaks up the story and gives some good insight. They also do book intros to let you know what each new book is about.

4. We just started the book of Romans today. They aren’t reading the entire book because honestly, how long would that take? But they are hitting the high points. I clicked through the rest of the tracks and I could tell they were taking the BIG and FAMOUS passages: love chapter, fruit of the spirit, etc.

5. It is in chronological order. For example, for the story of Jesus’ birth, the chapter heading was Luke 2 and Matthew 2. Great idea!

I’m really surprised at how much we like it. I think I’m going to buy it because today we skipped ahead and listened to Galatians 5 where Paul talks about the Fruit of the Spirit and Lydia was amazed! I think it will be great to stick in the car and listen to when we’re in between audio books or when we are trying to learn a verse or when she is particularly interested in a certain Bible story.

Get thee to the library and see if you can find an audio Bible of your own!



  1. super cool! I didn’t think about this! Elias is big into our WordGirl story on CD, so I really think he’d LOVE a Bible on CD, too!

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