Celebrate Your Child: Window Markers

Once I heard a Children’s Pastor speak about celebrating your children. He explained that kids will always want to celebrate milestones: getting a driver’s license, graduating, birthdays, etc. But his suggestion to parents was “If you don’t celebrate your kid, they’ll find someone who will.” That has always stuck with me. I want my kids to know I celebrate and honor them. I want them to know that I love them the most.

I think when kids feel love and honor from parents they will return it  AND they will want to be around it. And isn’t that what we want?

So, I always try to celebrate my kids—even as preschoolers. When Lydia stopped wetting the bad at naps, we bought a toy. (Ok, that was kind of a bribe, too.)  My husband and I make an effort to encourage her and shower her with praise when she tries something new or is obedient. We are really into birthday parties for this same reason.

Lydia is coming home from Camp Primo today. (I can’t wait to tell you all about Camp Primo! It is awesome!) And I was trying to think of a way to celebrate her return. Something that would let her know I am excited that she’s home.

And then I remembered Crayola. Yes, Crayola. The other night Crayola and Mom It Forward hosted a Twitter party. Basically some of Crayola’s people got on twitter, started asking questions, showing off some of their projects and anyone who wanted could chat with them. I saw some fun ideas and got excited about all the back-t0-school sales on crayons and markers!

One of the products I love from Crayola is their WINDOW MARKERS. Do you have these? Lydia got some for Christmas and loves them. She draws pictures, writes her name (kinda) and loves that she is effectively drawing on the wall! We have had them packed away since we moved into our new house. So, I cracked them out today and look what I did to our windows in the living room.

uh, it says “Welcome Home”…

“Lydia” (nice shot of the porch, too)

and a few hearts, you know, since she can’t read…

Do you think she’ll like it?

OK. So maybe it was more fun for me. And of course, I’m not suggesting writing on the windows will make Lydia want to hang with me when she’s 16. But it’s the little things that count, right?


  1. I *love* these window markers too. I am using them to write our memory verse for the week on the sliding glass door that is right next to our kitchen table. My daughters can’t read yet, but it helps remind me to work on their memory verse while we are at the table.

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