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Top Ten {Tuesday}

Now that the fam isn’t visiting, VBS is over and I have a week of no responsibilities, I’ve been online a little more. And looking at stuff I want to look at just for fun. So, here’s a few gems I’ve found this week. These are the: Top Ten Internet-ish Things I’m Excited About 1. […]

Growing Up

Yesterday we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant. While Lydia was eating her fried rice and sipping egg drop soup, she suddenly looked grown up to me. I don’t know if it was because her hair was cute or because she doesn’t need any help eating or because she literally got taller the night before. […]

A Review & A Giveaway: The Vanishing Sculptor by Donita K Paul

A review? A giveaway? What happened to your bloggy manifesto, Amanda? Well, I already had about 4 or 5 things to review sitting on my virtual desk when I wrote my manifesto. But regardless I would have accepted this book because I LOVE IT. A few years ago I picked up Donita K Paul‘s first […]

Someone Save Me From Elementary School

It’s day 4 of Vacation Bible School. The preschool kids are doing Crocodile Dock (you’ve probably seen the signs near you, it’s a popular one!) and the elementary aged kids are doing a Performing Arts Camp. At the Performing Arts Camp, they take classes like Prop Building, Guitar, Choir, Solo, Drama, etc. (There are some […]

Retro Photo: Speculation

My great-great-grandmother wrote on the back of this picture. According to her they are in West Branch, Michigan. And the people are: Agda, Henry, Dara, Ed, Dad (my great-great-grandfather), Arvid, Uno (?), Melvin (?), Henry Jr. The questions marks are hers. This is an interesting one to me. First of all, Agda. She’s the one […]

Top Ten Creative Wedding Ideas & Traditions

2. Serve Communion. Les and I had communion at our wedding. It was an act to show that we were honoring Jesus in our marriage. When a pastor friend of mine got married, instead of just he and his bride receiving communion, they served it to all the guests. They simply held the bread and […]

It’s Monday

We had a beautiful Father’s Day. Well, besides the vomiting. We ate lunch at The Horseradish Grill in Buckhead. Which is divine. I had shrimp and grits. I think I licked the plate in about 3 minutes. Delicious. Then we went to the pool (where Lydia ALMOST let us let go of her) and Asa […]