It Feels Like a Holiday

My cousin and her husband flew in from California last night! I met them at church (where they got roped into helping Daddy feed kids cookies) and then it was off to the Waffle House. (Oh, southern nectar of the gods! I had two eggs over light, hashbrowns scattered, covered and smothered, raisin toast with apple butter and a pecan waffle, plus some crispy bacon.)

Les and I stayed up late talking to them about kids and jobs and family. My cousin, Michelle is just a few months younger than me. She was born in Georgia but lived in Texas or California most of her life. She did come and stay an entire summer with us when I was in 5th grade or so. I have such great memories of that summer and those few months created a tight bond from my heart to hers. I’m almost giddy that she is here in my actual house right now! Out of the 50billion cousins I have in California, Michelle and I are the “originals”…the two oldest.

cousins, identical cousins

the cousins in birth order. 2008.

Today her husband, Al is hanging out with Les as he works (Bor-ing!). Michelle, the kids and I will probably eat and rest and shop. Sounds more fun, right? We’ll actually be shopping for camp. That’s their real reason for flying to Georgia–they are going to be counselors at my mom’s summer kids’s camp, Camp Rocks.

OK. I’ve got stuff to do! I might update tomorrow. Or I might not. Too much catching up to do!


  1. Okay, now you did it. I’m going to have to go to Waffle House. That sounded soooo good!!! Hope you have lots of fun with your cousin!!!

  2. I love this picture!! What I love even more though is that EVERYONE (even the little kiddos) are all looking at the camera with a good little smile … except – you guessed it!! And you think just the Sisterchicks have it out for you & bad photos:)

  3. That’s what your mom orders at waffle house! Funny!

  4. are those just 1st cousins?????? If so I only have 2…my hubby has 25… this may or may no have been why we had difficulty with a guest list for our wedding 🙂

  5. 2 eggs sunny side up & hash browns w/ cheese (forgot if that’s scattered, smothered, or covered. Pretty sure it’s not chunked.) Or a bacon, egg, & cheese sandwich w/ cheesy hash browns. That was just in case you wanted to know what I would’ve ordered.

    Have fun with your cousin!

  6. And we’re missing Paul in that picture…

  7. How funny is this? Everyone’s commenting on Waffle House hashbrowns (I’m a fan of scattered and smothered, lol).

    It’s great to have your family together like that…makes me wish ours was bigger! Great pic of the cousins :).

  8. it all sounds lovely… I love family time, when people come to visit.

  9. that does it, the next time I am near a Waffle House, I WILL eat there!

  10. I am so happy that Michelle and Al are there. Staci and Shelby were also missing in the picture because they were in the wedding party.

  11. I live in Salt Lake, and there isn’t one anywhere close. I tried to get to one on a trip to Texas (cruise) but I had no such luck. The people we were with needed to try Cheesecake Factory and so we thought that took precedence.


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