Top Ten Things I Learned This Week

top-ten-tuesdayI’ve been wanting to do this Top Ten for awhile. My bbb Jo-Lynne from Musings of a Housewife has her own Tuesday carnival called What I Learned This Week. I thought it would be fun to link my Top Ten with her What I Learned…and here’s the result. But don’t get too excited. I didn’t learn anything too awesome—I’m not taking juggling classes or learning how to knit. Oh wait, I already learned how to knit. Too bad I never learned STICK-WITH-IT-NESS. Anywhoo…get ready for my TOP TEN THINGS I LEARNED THIS WEEK:

1. Three day weekends should be standard.

2. The casting of Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in the Twilight movie was perfect. Actually better than perfect because I kinda had a crush on Edward in the movie. It took me all four books to even like him.

edward cullen
photo by i heart him

3. The expectations I have as a wife will never equal my husband’s actions. It’s up to me what to do with that. I can either believe the best or expect the worst. If I choose to believe the best, I’m following 1 Corinthians 13:7 and setting our relationship up for success. (via Andy’s sermon on Sunday. Totally worth the time if you have it.)

4. Teething messes up sleeping. At least I hope I’ve learned that this week. If Asa’s short naps and early wake times aren’t due to teething, I don’t know what I’m going to do!

5. I apparently look and/or act like Kate from Jon & Kate Plus 8. (This does not make me happy.)

6. Getting your house unpacked and clean for your cousins from California to come stay with you for a few days is tiring and overwhelming. But great motivation.

7. Ikea furniture is inexpensive because you have to put it together yourself. And that is not always worth the money you saved. Ahem.

expedit ikea
photo by mingaling

8. Becky & Kristen are true friends. They helped me discover #7 above.

9. So You Think You Can Dance on streaming video is not as exciting on TV. But any SYTYCD is better than no SYTYCD.

10. Comment love is king in the blogosphere. OK, so I didn’t really learn that this week. But it is always true! So, go check out J0-Lynne’s What I Learned This Week and her fun participants! Leave them some comment love!

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OK, your turn! Write a Top Ten post on your own bloggy blog. Then since Mr. Linky is apparently still celebrating his three day weekend, leave your PERMALINK in the comments. Then head off into the blogosphere to leave some comment love for the rest of the Top Ten folks!



    I completely agree with #1. & I totally wish we had an Ikea near. I’ve never stepped foot in one, but I love browing their website.

  2. Any SYTYCD is better than no SYTYCD – I agree! 😉

  3. #1 – Amen. AMEN.
    2. Twilight… what is this of which you speak? {{blank look on face}}
    3. Amen. Why is it so hard for me to learn this? Poor Josh. I am so thankful for his patience with me while I learn not to overload our marriage with my petty expectations.
    4. Baby #2 always messes up what you think you know about sleeping. And teething. At least my baby #2 does.
    5. WHAT?!?! No you don’t. Period.
    6. Ah, motivation! Doesn’t it feel so good to have the house… more… ready? A Baby shower for my SIL is my motivation for finishing my built-in bookcases in my dining room this week.
    7. I don’t understand. Seriously – I LOVE Ikea stuff b/c of the $ AND the fact that I get to put it together. I’ve heard rumors of an Ikea coming to Richmond, and I’m so happy I could cry.
    8. Did you guys have a bad incident putting together the Expedit shelf?
    9. GIRL! I am so pumped about this season. If SYTYCD comes to ATL, I might have to plan a roadtrip down there to see it. Would you come with me?
    10. Sorry I’ve been a bad comment-love giver. I’m back now!

    This week, I learned that Bloglines is loving Oh Amanda again. YAY! I also learned that a 3 yo whining is the fastest way for my to lose my cool. over and over and over again. sigh…

  4. Great list of 10 lessons – not sure I could come up with ten!!!

    I LOVE IKEA, and was so happy when one finally came to N Ireland. I love it so much I can even put up with the self-assembly.

  5. 2. I really disliked the Twilight movie. As for the books, I really enjoyed Edward in the fourth book – but I’m not sure why. Maybe because he wasn’t having to pretend to be a teenager so much?

    5. I don’t see it (from a looks standpoint) and I don’t see that you act like her based on your writing. I wouldn’t sweat that one too much, or just smack the person that originally said it!

    7. Did you really get an Expedit unit! I sooo want one. I just saw that the smaller ones are going on sale. Hmmm. Here are my recommendations for putting together the furniture: Husband or kids in the neighborhood that work for cheap. (Sounds like a Works for Me Wednesday post, huh?)

    Summer Activities at

  6. Who told you you looked/acted like Kate?? You & your mom both have a little bit of her in you with D & L … just the part that relates to #3 (but not as extreme as she does). I recognize it though b/c it’s a little in me too:)

    My Top Ten List is Up … Things I don’t do!! (See there’s the Kate/diva in me just in the title alone!!!)

  7. Oh, poor Kate! As far as I can tell from here, you aren’t a thing like her!

    I’ve never set foot in an IKEA (glad to read I’m not the only one!), but maybe that’s a good thing!

    My Top Ten list is up:

  8. I learned that I wish I knew how to make a new Mr. Linky, because then I could make some big bucks for fixing it! (Not really, just made that up!)

    Great list!

  9. Never been in IKEA either but for some reason I am completely jealous!

  10. Great list. Mine’s up today.. it’s titled Things I Will Never Tire Of

  11. GRRR, Mr. Linky is driving me nuts!! My Top Ten REasons I Love Being An Aunt is up!!

  12. Here is my very first Top Ten Tuesday post. Ten reasons to cook. This top ten list thing is harder than it looks…lol. I got to #4 and started realizing I was just about out of reasons, but #7 I started to panic…hahaha. I’ll have to get more creative next week.

  13. #1 *sigh* actually *double sigh* and *drool* and *I may need a minute to myself*
    #3 I need to give that a listen/read.
    #5 No way. Do you? Maybe it’s just the whole cool, short hair thing.

  14. I was so excited when Ikea opened near us too! But, you are right on the time it takes to put it together!!! Too Funny!!!

    My very first Top Ten Tuesday is up at:

  15. Edward – I am still reading the books (but will be finishing #4 in the next day or so), but I’ve liked Edward from the beginning, with book #2 as the exception. I plan to see the movie very soon!

    Ikea – love that place. sorry! it’s funny though, I think putting together our tv stand thingy was a good martial building time! Good way to put into practice being helpful to ones husband when it would have been easier to step in and push him out of my way so I could it! 🙂

    SYTYCD – ahhhhh, I’m so very happy it’s back!! This first week of auditions didn’t excite me though, in terms of that no one blew me away. I can’t wait to be done with auditions already, although…..I do wonder if there will be any repeats of auditioners from seasons past? Other than that….bring on Vegas week and our top 20 already!! As Mary would say….WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  16. Being woken up in the night

    I agree with the Ikea thing, except I still think it’s too expensive for me! 🙂

  17. I LOVE Ikea furniture…and don’t even mind putting it together myself. I was bummed I wasn’t in town to get a bookshelve or drapes…really bummed to the point that my husband was sick of it. lol

  18. 1. Three day weekends should be standard. – AMEN. Thanks for linking in! 🙂

  19. First time Top Ten poster right here! Hello hello hello, nice to meet you all 🙂

    Just trying to keep it real with Top Ten Things To Do Other Than Pee On The Potty:

  20. Well I did a top ten too. (BTW, I like Edward in the movie as well.) I liked Bella in the book better though. I had a better picture of her. Thanks for hosting, even though Mr. Linky is on hiatus still 🙂

  21. Here’s mine:

    It’s things I am thankful for. 🙂


  22. Here here on the Ikea furniture! Mostly I’ve had good experiences, but the bad ones, well, they were REALLY bad.

  23. sorry i’m not a true friend 🙁

  24. Oh, I just saw this and thought it sounded like a great idea. Until I got to 5 and realized how far away 10 was so I had to think on it awhile. But I finally finished. I am looking forward to reading other lists.

  25. I am so with you on the three-day weekend!

  26. I remind myself of Kate sometimes. Ed doesn’t agree. This is good. But I try to be more mindful of my tone. I don’t mean to be ugly. I’m just trying to be direct. But…


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