A Magical Trip: Disney World Resorts

If I could live anywhere in the world it would be in a Disney hotel. You know, Mickey shaped soaps, a maid to make my bed and a wake up call from Mickey himself! Plus, when you stay on Disney property, you get lots of perks–extra magic hours, lots and lots of buses that come every 20 minutes (at least) to take you to all over property and package delivery to your hotel from the parks. Sweet.

On my magical mommy blogger weekend, we stayed at Disney’s Beach Club Resort. When Andrea (Mommy Snacks) and I arrived, I have to confess we just looked like two random moms entering the hotel. Mickey wasn’t standing there with a sign that said “OH AMANDA” or anything. One day, maybe.

Asa at the Beach Club Resort

The entire hotel is designed to look like a New England beach resort—soft blues and turquoise, shells and seascapes decorated everything. They even have a three acre pool that looks more like a beach than a pool. It has a sand bottom AND a pirate ship waterslide! According to the Moms Panel ladies, this is THE best pool on Disney property.

I didn’t even know it was a slide the first time I walked by!

Starting at $335 a night, The Beach Club may not be the most frugal of choices. But never fear! Disney is on the job! After a breakfast of Mickey shaped waffles, my new bloggy friends and I got to tour one of the Value resorts at Disney—The All Star Music Resort. This fun resort starts at only $82 a night. That, my friends, is a deal. Not to mention this is an actual RESORT. Not a junky motel.

There are themed pools, yummy restaurants and the decor is equal to the parks in fun. We got to tour a Family Suite which is really cool. It sleeps 6 easy and has TWO bathrooms. Anyway, my favorite part? HOOKS and CURTAINS. They had hooks everywhere! For coats, towels, lanyards or whatever stuff you couldn’t fit in a suitcase or drawer. I just have a thing for hooks. You can never have enough!

And the curtains? They had curtains to block off the bathrooms. So you could pull them closed and keep the bathroom private or keep it open for more space and light. (Emily told me the word on the street is to put the pack-n-play in the bathroom with the curtain around it. Instant room!)

We all left that resort pumped about bringing our kids back to stay there.


We drove into the Bay Lake Tower. It’s the newest addition to the Contemporary Resort and the Disney Vacation Club. It is still under construction so we had to wear hard hats!

Cool, huh?

We looked pretty hawt in those hard hats, too. It was so super top secret that we were not allowed to take pictures inside. (HOW COOL IS THAT?) and we were taken on the tour by some real live IMAGINEERS!

I don’t know why but a personalized Mickey hardhat was just cool to me. We took so many pictures of him Brian said he was going to have to call his wife.

These guys were so passionate about Disney and their jobs it was contagious! They even told us they have the privilege of working with some of the original Imagineers—guys that worked alongside WALT!

the magical moms

So, they took us up to the 11th floor of the Bay Lake Tower. And I’m pretty sure after the initial shock of it’s beauty we all ended up depressed because we didn’t want to leave. We were in a 2100 square foot suite with multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, four balconies, a two story living area, flat screens, full kitchen, huge tables and couches, custom EVERYTHING and the view that just wouldn’t stop…it was Cinderella’s Castle. Not the backside or a tip of it. Oh no, the whole kit-n-kaboodle. You could watch the fireworks from your room. Breathtaking.

Staying at the Bay Lake Tower is now my new vacation goal. I may have to rob a bank or win the lottery but one day I want to stay there!

After that resort adventure, we headed to The Magic Kingdom for a Dole Whip and the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Dance Party. And like any good mommy bloggers we had cameras, kids and video cameras out capturing the whole thing!

Lisa & baby boy

But what was Asa doing during all this gallivanting around Disney property? Sleeping in the stroller, of course. How sweet is he?

my ace.

::: ::: :::

Just as a little post script to this post, I’m going to add a brief recap of the other Disney resorts I’ve stayed in. Brief. I promise.

Fort Wilderness.
Yes, it’s a campground. But oh, what a campground! You can have a tent site for like $40 or pull your pimped out RV. They even have cabins with full kitchens and MAID SERVICE. Not to mention the extras—a beach, a petting zoo, a sing-a-long with Chip & Dale, a night time outdoor movie, a dinner theater and more. I think everyone should stay here at least once!

Wilderness Lodge
I stayed here with my family when I was a senior in High School. It is awesome—a lodge modeled after the State Parks of the northwest, complete with Native American decor, a bubbling spring, and one of the most fun restaurants, Whispering Canyon Cafe. We went to Disney World for Night of Joy and got an amazing deal on this Deluxe Resort. I would love to stay here again!

All Star Movie Resort
We stayed here with my parents one year basically because it was such a good deal. It’s just like the All Star Music Resort..only Movie themed. (Obviously.) I think we stayed in the Toy Story area. So, there was like a two story Woody outside my door.

Caribbean Beach Resort
Staci and I went to Disney World when we were Seniors in High School. All by ourselves. And we didn’t get kidnapped once. I loved our resort because it felt secluded, there were several pools, nicer than normal rooms and a beach complete with hammocks! This is a step up from the Value Resorts and start at about $150 a night.

Thanks again to Maria, Leanne & Laura for the magical time at Disney. They did not remotely ask me to post a Disney resort commercial. I’m just that freaky about staying on Disney property. I don’t wanna leave the bubble if I don’t hafta.


  1. Can I just say that I am so jealous, but in an “I’m really happy for you” sort of way? I can’t believe how many Disney resorts you’ve stayed in!

    With 8 kids, we’ve never been able to afford Disney, so our family’s never been there. Poor neglected kids. 😉

    Hey, Disney – pick me!!!

  2. We go to Disney ever year and have a blast. For our honeymoon we stayed at the Yacht Club, which was fabulous, but we normally stay at Port Orleans or one of the other moderate resorts.

    Unfortunately, we have to skip our trip this year, but we’re saving for next year!

  3. I’m thinking this needs to be our next Sisterchick trip!!

  4. Amanda, excuse me now while I go cry. {sniff…sniffle} Please, take me with you next time. I think I’m having heart palpitations. I need me a Disney fix BAD!

  5. I love the family suites at All-Star Music. We are staying in one for our July trip.

    Pop Century is our favorite hotel by far. I’m not sure I can say exactly why but the overall experience has always been awesome!

    I do want to stay at a FW cabin one day. I just looked at them recently and I was surprised at the size of them!

    My luxury stays were all in the first 20 years of my life – Contemporary while growing up and the Grand Floridian on my honeymoon. I sometimes think I would like to stay at all of the deluxes until I look at the price…then I love Pop and ASMu even more!

    I love these Disney posts (can you tell?) so keep’em coming!

  6. Never been. Was invited, but an email problem screwed it all up for me this time. Maybe next time. Would have been nice to meet you though.


  7. Oh, I’m so jealous, or would that be envy? Either way, I want a free trip to Disney!! I love all things Disney and am hoping to become an official Disney travel planner someday! I just found your site and I am enjoying “getting to know” you. Thanks for sharing

  8. I am SO thrilled that you got to go! I remember us chatting about Disney during the Pampers trip and I believe I even said, “Don’t worry, you’ll go!” 🙂 yay! -Christine

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