Top Ten Tuesday: Compassion International

Last year Sophie and Shannon went to Uganda for some live blogging of Compassion International‘s efforts to support kids in the impoverished areas of this country. I read every post and bawled my eyes out the whole time.

Right now nine more people are blogging in India. And already I’m feeling it inside me. “It”? Just that rumbling and aching…to do something, to do more, to love, to nurse, to lead, to inspire, to just help. So, in honor of this amazing trip, these amazing bloggers, this awesome ministry and an amazing God, here are my


1. At Mother Teresa’s orphanage in Kalkata, India, they do not name the newborn babies that arrive. Because these babies will not be alive long enough to know their own name. Or for anyone to use it or remember it. (Pete at

2. Karate. Seriously. This is great.

3. When asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” a child cannot respond. Not because he doesn’t know the language, but because he doesn’t understand the question. His impoverished life is so normal to him, that he doens’t realize there is life beyong his. As a Hindu, he believes his life is a result of past actions–not that he is valued just because God made him. (Anne at

4. Children sing and dance to welcome these American bloggers…not because they are bloggers, or even Americans–but because they are a link to their sponsors. These children know their sponsors’ names and really attribute the good in their life to their sponsor’s suppport. (via LPM blog)


photo via compassion bloggers flickr

6. When you sponsor a child through Compassion, you also help the family. You can give gifts that help the family survive and thrive. Robin saw this in action when a family in India unlocked a brightly colored cabinet to proudly display a pot, a table fan and a pitcher—provided by a special monetary gift from their sponsor.


8. Indian for “kitchen” at the Shlog.

9. Our Compassion daughter in Burkina Faso who calls me “Mama” and my husband “Papa”!

10. All these faces.

Read all of the Compassion India blogs here. And join the facebook group here! And most importantly, support a child HERE.

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  1. You absolutely ROCK! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm about Compassion! When you meet the children it serves? Oh…my…word…it confirms a thousand times over what you already knew in your heart. Thank you for encouraging others to consider looking into Compassion International and for linking to so many of these sites!!


  2. I was so excited to recieve my packet of information about my Compassion child a few weeks ago! For me, it is such an honor and a blessing to be able to be part of this precious little girl’s life.

  3. Great post!!!

    I’ve been crazy busy working!!!!

    I’ve missed you.

  4. Compassion… what a fabulous way to make a difference!

  5. I love this top 10! These Compassion blogger trips make me bawl my eyes out, too!!

  6. Thank you so much more posting this. I have wanted to donate to a program like this for a while, I was just too afraid my money wouldn’t go where it need to be. Because of this post, I will now be sponsoring a child through the Compassiong program. Thanks again.

  7. Beautiful post! I hope, to one day, be able to go on a missions trip. The work that these people do & the things they get to witness, just amazes me!

  8. Wow. That’s amazing. #1 and #3 are particularly heartbreaking. How have I never heard of Compassion International?

  9. Amanda:

    Hope I can be back next week. I’m having some computer troubles at home, but should be fixed soon.

    Great list you have. I was just looking at that site last night.


  10. What a great list! I can’t wait to go through and read all those stories I haven’t yet!
    And I can’t wait to hear all the more stories that come from this trip everyone is on now.
    So heartbreaking but uplifting at the same time…

  11. Yes….I’m feeling moved to do something. #1 and 3 hit me hard too.

  12. Thanks for reminding me about having compassion for others. So much of the time I am stuck in my own little world that I forget there are others struggling too. Happy Tuesday!

  13. As always, this is a great post! We would all be better off by showing more compassion in all situations and to all people.

    Question: We have a World Vision child. Is there a vast amount of difference between the two organizations? We didn’t do any research beforehand. We were at a SCC concert a few years ago and just decided to adopt a child. Just wondering!

    • Not sure of the differences…but what I *do* know about compassion that makes them so great…

      1. they work WITH the existing churches. they don’t come in and set up an “american” relief system.

      2. they are CHRIST-centered. they aren’t just about filling tummies…also hearts.

      3. you support an individual child…your money goes to a KID…not just an organization.

      If you check out some of the other compassion bloggers, they probably have a better grasp on the workings of the organization…


  14. Mine’s definitely not as impactful and as moving as yours. Thanks for sharing this, Amanda. We used to be heavily involved in Compassion International and I tend to forget what a great organization it is. Thank you for the reminder of all the good that they to spread the kingdom to “the least of these”

  15. This is why you have a bloggy award over at my blog..

  16. I love this post! (shocker)
    That’s so crazy that your compassion daughter calls you mama and Les Papa. It’s just incredible that with all the great technology and sky scrapers (amazing things man has done) in the world… most of the world is starving and dying and most people don’t ever even think about it.

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