My New Favorite

Download :: :: :: Meal Planning Guide by petit elefant

Thing I’m Making Myself Do :: :: :: Spring Cleaning Party at Simple Mom

Mother’s Day Gift I Want :: :: :: Funky Initial Necklace from artdi

Mother Daughter Blogs :: :: :: Robin’s Egg Blue, A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles & Simply Vintage Girl

Contest :: :: :: Win 1 of 25 Sony products by playing a fun game!

Thing To Do With My Sisterchicks :: :: ::

Take pictures of ourselves checking our email on our phones. Hey, it’s how we roll.


  1. You’re so funny, lol… about taking pictures of you checking email that is!

    Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Blogger’s Choice Award. 😉


  2. if you are into initial necklaces…check this gal out. She is my current fave.

  3. OH I LOVE THE NECKLACE. And yes, I did yell that!

  4. I need to do some Spring cleaning…

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