Top Ten Tuesday: Disney Vacation Tips, Hints & Plain Old Cool Stuff

Maybe you’ve heard I’m going on a cruise. A Disney Cruise. Tomorrow.

Like Mickey and me sailing the high seas. TOMORROW.

I am ridiculously excited. So. To honor all things Disney, here are…

The Top Ten Disney Vacation Tips, Hints & Plain Old Cool Stuff

1. Disney Family Community. This is like a Disney Facebook-Family Fun Magazine-Messageboard Mashup. The thing I like best about it? My family’s profile pic. How cute is that?


2. The Disney Blog. Yeah, I’m biased because the editor John Frost lets me write for him. But I really do love reading his blog. It’s a blog FOR fans, BY fans. And Johns knows everything. It’s fun feeling like you get the inside scoop on the Mouse!

3. Disney Characters Flickr Group. This entertained Lydia for at least 30 minutes yesterday. “Mooooommmy! Look! Snow White! Ahhh! Mickey Mooouuuuse! *giggle* Look! Look! Pluto!”

4. My Disney on a Dime  and I Walked With You Once Upon A Dream posts. (What can I say? They’re chock full of tips.)

5. Tinkerella Creations. The key-utest etsy shop you’ve ever seen. She makes playclothes mixed with costumes. Look at this little Snow White outfit.

Much better than those plastic organza-ish things they sell at Target. What a great idea for your little princess while on vacation at Disney World. (And I have to admit, I totally want one, too.)

6. Britt-ish Designs. The most unbelievably cute digital scrapbooking stuff. She obviously can’t rip Disney off completely because of copyright. But I seriously think her stuff is cuter. I can’t even comprehend her creativity. My vacation scrapbook would be rockin’ if I would sit down and buy all her kits! Here’s a freebie I got from her site once. Isn’t that sweet?!


7. disBoards. Seriously, there are some Disney geniuses on these forums! Any and everything Disney—they know it. I’ve found out some great cruise info here this week.

8. Disney Moms Panel. (that’s all i can muster because i’m too jealous that i’m not on it.)

9.  ABC Disney. A pop-up book by Robert Sabuda. Be still my heart. Two of my favorite things combined together. I need this.

10. Twitter. I asked around for the best Disney tip and here’s some info I got:

@VertigoDawn don’t rush it. take time to see the little hidden gems and enjoy the moment. that’s when the true magic happens (I *so* agree with this! This is what makes Disney so…magical!)

@SortaCrunchy um, every Disney moment is MAGICAL! Best tip? Daily naps are a necessity for all ages – makes for enjoyable evenings w/fireworks (yes! yes! don’t get so tired out you miss out on the special stuff!)

@naomiomi had a parkhopper pass so we could go back in the evenings after eating dinner and hop from park to park until they all closed (when we lived in ORL, my sil and I did 4 parks one day with a parkhopper!)

@lilbabycakes Stay on the park grounds and use the Disney transportation. Very convenient, especially with teens. (I wouldn’t stay anywhere else. Not only is iteasier, it’s also more magical!)

Katie (via facebook) It’s a Small World…..I took the best nap on that ride! (LOL. Well, it is air-conditioned! So that’s good for those hot Florida days!)

@thedisneyblog Best Disney Tip? Give yourself enough time at the theme parks to absorb all the details. Its what sets Disney apart in design. (exactly.)

@perksofbeingme singing in Disney’s Christmas show for two years with my high school. It was one of my best high school memories…We sang two shows a night for a week and the rest of the time, we got to play in Disney. It was the best. (oh, my sister-in-law did this. and i’ve been to the show a few times. it’s awesome–hearing the Christmas story read at Disney? super cool.)

@CorrinRenee We go to Disney every October. I could talk about it nonstop. Stay in the parks, buy the hopper pass, get the dining plan! (yes! yes!)

(I’ll add more if they pop up today…)

:: :: :: ::

OK! It’s your turn! Write a Top Ten on your blog, link it here and then start hob-knobbing with the rest of the crowd! (Click here for more Top Ten Tuesday info.)

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  1. Great info! consider it stumbled. 🙂

    Have a BLAST on your cruise!!!

  2. Thanks so much for all of these great tips! We are heading to Disney for the first time with kids (I have been dozens of times before) in about 44 days. Love the DISboards and TheDisneyBlog. Have a fabulous time on the cruise 🙂

  3. We always enjoyed the DISboards for information and conversation about everything Disney. Haven’t been there in awhile because we don’t have plans to visit Disney anytime soon. 🙁

    Have a great Disney cruise! Relax and have fun.

  4. I first found yo through the Disney Blog.

    I have been a Disboard junkie for years! You really can find out about all things Disney there.

    Mom’s Club Panel – I didn’t get in either year, either. This year, however, I am hosting a Disney in-home party through the Mom’s Club! Woohoo! I hope that my box comes today.

    My best Disney tip is one I have re-iterated over and over and over….Get to the parks when they open. That may be the single greatest secret (for us, at least) to a great, no stress Disney trip.

    Have a blast!

  5. Yes, my second tip would have been stay on property if at all possible. SO MANY PERKS. Worth every single cent.

    I hope y’all have a BLAST, Amanda. How could you not? 😉

  6. Ah! Disney!!! How fun! I checked out those costumes and they are too cute! It makes me wish I had a little one to take to Disney!

  7. YAY — have so much fun. Sounds amazing and I love all of your Disney picks!

  8. My tip:

    Try to go sometime when they (either park) are decorated for Christmas. Oh talk about getting you in the Christmas spirit and mood.

    I’ve been to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World in the week of or before Thanksgiving. It’s not too crowded and the weather is quite pleasant that time of year in either place.

    Looking forward to checking out the Disney Blog.

  9. Wow, thanks for putting my shop in your list!
    This is one cool blog. I’ll be back for more Disney chatter 🙂

  10. I so wish I had the money to go on a Disney Cruise… but I can’t wait to take the girls to Disney. We are planning to go to Disney World in June. But only one day. I wish we could go for a week and stay on the property. I stayed at one of the Villas, once, back in 96 & had a blast. *sigh* One day!

    Enjoy your cruise!

  11. I have a blog-te-doo I put together for planning Disney with a fmaily on a budget! We go frequently, so people always asked my tips. I decided to compiled the best ones!

  12. I hope you guys have an awesome trip. In honor of your trip I did a Top Ten Favorite List of Disney World Favorites!!

  13. brittney says:

    Wow!! Thanks for putting me in your top 10 list!! I’m so flattered!

  14. I just came over from TCKK blog to say have a wonderful time on your Disney Cruise. We are also going to Disney Florida in just 10 days time. I look forward to seeing/hearing all about your trip. I would love to do a Disney Cruise one day.

  15. Sorry…couldn’t get a post together this week. Pathetic, I know.

    Have SO much fun!! Sing a little karaoke for me 🙂

  16. Have a wonderful trip. I will get your HD certificate to you as soon as you guys get back and move in.

  17. That is probably the best etsy shop I’ve ever seen! I wish they weren’t so expensive! I’d totally buy one for my Caroline. SO adorable! I hope you have a great time on your Disney Cruise! I’m jealous! 🙂

  18. I love all your tips…can’t wait till we can use them on our own Disney trip someday! 🙂 Have a wonderful time!!!!!!

  19. OH I wish I was going to Disneyworld! It is the most fun place EVER.

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