Monday: The Disney Cruise Randomness


EEEEK. I feel like that Disney commercial where they parents get on to their kids for not going to sleep the night before their Disney vacation. Then the parents are laying in their bed too wide awake to sleep. That’s me!

Last night I registered Lydia for the Oceaneer’s Club. Which is the most amazing children’s programming ever. I can’t wait for her to try it out! We went with her last year (when she was too young to go alone). Now she and Nora (my  4yo niece) will be able to go all by themselves. A few weeks ago, I was nervous about Lydia even wanting to go in. But now I think she’s really going to enjoy it. She has been making big strides lately about being brave.

She got her hair cut a few days ago and was a champ! If you remember her previous hair cutting experiences, you’ll know this is a miracle.

Anyway, now the next two days will be overwhelmed with packing. I’m hoping to be a little more organized this time…you know, since I will have a 6month old with me. (He turned six months 3 days ago. Can you believe that?!)

I’ve been checking out the disboards to get ready for the cruise. And wow, if you have any questions about ANYTHING, they can answer it! It’s fun–and makes me even more excited!

I still want to do a few fun things before the cruise–gather a few pirate costume pieces and make a few door magnets for our stateroom door. Asa’s got a doctor’s appointment today (he’s had the yuckiest cough lately) and when that’s done we’re going to be in full on vacation mode!

Oh, and I’ve been meaning to show you this forever. Lydia and I made this AWESOME countdown calendar. Check it out on Impress Your Kids!


  1. have a great time on the cruise.

    I am SO stealing the countdown calendar for our summer Disney trip. in fact, I may have to make two – one for us and one for our nieces and nephew!

  2. I hope you have such a FABULOUS time!!! I can’t wait to hear details!

  3. Have a Great time and say HI to my beach. I will always think of the shores of castaway cay as MY beach! The kids club is sooo great, the kids in my wedding party loved it! I can not wait until November when we go back!

  4. A Disney Cruise is my ultimate dream!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it! Have fun!

  5. The countdown calendar is so cute and so is your little girl when eating the candy!!! I hope you have an awesome trip and when you come back I hope you’ll show us lots of pics and tell us all about it. I’ve never been on a Disney Cruise.

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