The Monday After Springing Forward

Renee from Cutie Booty Cakes summed it up on twitter this morning…

Spring forward? I say begrudgingly move forward is more like it.

Of course, I may be a little tired from our big adventure last night. We saw…wait for it…Bibleman. Yes, a man who is dressed up like a super-hero who quotes the Bible. A little cheesy. But still every little boy left that room wishing they had a light saber and a purple and yellow cape. Oh, and every little girl, too. Yup, Lydia left with her very own Biblegirl cape and mask combo. Good thing I can’t find the cord to my camera.

We started packing Saturday. Mama and Daddy came over and we got a TON done. Every piece of furniture is empty, the living room closet and all the kitchen cabinets! So, as soon as we get those appliances in, we’ll be ready to move on up! (Jefferson’s anyone?)

I random-ed the winners for A Day With A Perfect Stranger. And uhm…promptly packed the books away (see previous paragraph). So, Dori and Wendy can you wait a week or two? (Yeah, Dori and Wendy are both my messageboard mamas. And no, Wendy does not have a blog. But if she did you’d probably never come back to mine anyway…)

I just saw another post about a blogger who went to Disney (presumably on their dime). Can I just finally get it off my chest? Good. Here goes:


That is all. (Still if you click over you could win one of four park hopper tickets.)

Well, I guess that’s it. I’m off to trick Lydia into playing a game that requires me to lay on the floor and sleep. Maybe Sleeping Beauty?

(don’t forget, Top Ten Tuesday tomorrow!)

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  1. I finally won something! 😀 Ofcourse I can wait, I think moving is a tad more important than mailing those out. Take your time 🙂

  2. Yay! I won!

    Well, I expect that to be the box you unpack after the toilet paper, then, k?


  3. You would think that Starbucks would have been hoppin’ this first day of work after “springing”. But, it was sadly quiet…I think because people pressed snooze so many times they couldn’t get out of bed in time to get their coffee!

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