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Top Ten Tuesday: Habits I Now Have to Break Because of the Cruise

I think the absolute worst part about coming back from vacation is the ride home. Your bags aren’t packed neatly. Your car is dirty. You’re tired. Your kids are grumpy. There is no excitement carrying you through the long car ride. If I got depressed, it would be depressing. Well, now I’ve discovered something new […]

Even Mickey Can’t Protect You From The Sickies

Our Disney Cruise was FAN.TAS.TIC. Yes, Daddy got a virus and was confined to his room for 24 hours. Yeah, Lydia and Asa have spent the last 12 hours home with hacking coughs, runny noses and fevers, but still…the cruise. *sigh* I miss it already! I’m resting from the internet today (with the exception of […]

Easter isn't about the eggs…

This year, Easter is going to be an interesting time for our family.  EJ is old enough to learn about the real celebration of Easter, and I’m feel like I’m making my way through this time almost on my own.  Why?  The church we are a part of is fabulous, and we love it there.  […]

Retro Disney World

me on the way home from my first Disney trip. 1980. I know I’ve posted this picture before but in honor of my Disney Cruise (that I am dirivng to RIGHT NOW), I thought I’d show it again. Now, notice the following… My Mickey ears. How retro are those? Vintage, even! I am three years […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Disney Vacation Tips, Hints & Plain Old Cool Stuff

Maybe you’ve heard I’m going on a cruise. A Disney Cruise. Tomorrow. Like Mickey and me sailing the high seas. TOMORROW. I am ridiculously excited. So. To honor all things Disney, here are… The Top Ten Disney Vacation Tips, Hints & Plain Old Cool Stuff 1. Disney Family Community. This is like a Disney Facebook-Family […]

Monday: The Disney Cruise Randomness

OMG. I AM LEAVING FOR A DISNEY CRUISE IN TWO DAYS. TWO DAYS. EEEEK. I feel like that Disney commercial where they parents get on to their kids for not going to sleep the night before their Disney vacation. Then the parents are laying in their bed too wide awake to sleep. That’s me! Last […]

Countdown Calendar: Disney Cruise!

For Christmas this year, my parents gave my brother and I (and our little families, of course) a Disney Cruise! We’ve been on one before as a family, but now that Lydia and my niece, Nora are old enough to enjoy the children’s programming (aka: get out of our hair), we’re going back! And to […]