Jeremy Benthem. The Messiah.

We didn’t get to see the rest of our Losties on the Island. We still don’t know where Rose and Bernard are. Yes, it’s been two weeks since a peek at Sawyer’s shirtless self. But oh, my goodness did I love last night’s episode! I’ve always been on Team Locke and I loved seeing every minute of Locke’s Jeremy Bentham story. There are two things I need to say first off—1)LOCKE IS ALIVE 2)Lost tricked us.

Yes, Lost tricked us. When we first heard about “Jeremy Bentham” they made it seem like our Oceanic Six had many dealings with him. That Jeremy Bentham was a name they spoke many times. And now I realize they did not. They had not. I guess that’s why I’ve been so surprised at how quickly they are back on The Island. I assumed “Jeremy Bentham” would have been off The Island for a longer period of time. Oh well, I guess it’s neither here nor there now. Enough of MY Jeremy Bentham story. Let’s get to the real Jeremy Bentham story! {read the rest of my recap at The Disney Blog…}


  1. oh the torture!!! I purposely didn’t watch last night’s epi so that I can watch two full hours of it next week (b/c all I want now is some Island time and I knew I wasn’t going to get it last night….hopefully, maybe next week. but if not, then at least I’ll get 2 hours in!) 🙂 so next week I’ll have to read your fabulous recap. sure hope you can stand to wait that long for me to comment on it. ha! 🙂

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