Wondering About Wordless Wednesday

June 1, 1929
18 years 8 months old

Isn’t that a funny thing to write on the back of a picture? Especially for an 18 year old? I’m pretty sure this is my great-grandmother. I love so much about this picture…her shoes, her headband, the houses in the background, the strange angle and the border on the print. But I also have a weird feeling about it, too…why does she look so disheveled? What is that peculiar look on her face?

(I didn’t do a Mr. Linky today because I don’t want to be confusing to/with other Wordless Wednesday participants. But if you have a real retro black and white photo you’d like to share, please leave a link in the comments so we can visit! Maybe we can do a Mr. Linky in a few weeks in there is enough interest!)


  1. I too love her shoes and the beautiful houses in the background

  2. I love looking at these old photos!

    Come check out my retro pic at http://tckk.blogspot.com.

  3. I love looking at old pictures. They are so beautiful. Maybe back then they counted their age in months like we do with babies?

  4. I always wonder what people were thinking in old photos when they were having their photo taken. It wasn’t mainstream & most times someone borrowed a camera or it was a special occasion.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love looking at old photos from both sides of my family. It’s pretty cool.

  6. What an interesting picture. Can you tell from the buildings where it was taken?

  7. It is an interesting picture. Don’t you wish these pictures could talk?

    By the way, LOVE your watermark. Very creative!

  8. LOVE it. We have a ton of old photos in my family…some are even those old tin ones. I love to look at them and wonder what was going on. And the clothes! I wish we could dress like that today.

  9. Yay!! Your black & white pictures are back!

    I love this picture. I’m like a previous commenter… I wish we could dress like that, again.

    I posted a picture of Mom, it was the only black & white I could find… I know there is more around here, though.


  10. Love the pic. Oh, it was just a hot day that day, that’s all . . . BG
    Happy WW to you.

  11. Ahh that is nice and she probably said Fine take my picture but I will not smile!:)

  12. First time I’m visiting, love this picture. :]

    It’d be very fun for you to ‘recreate’ it. Especially cause it’s 09…as an anniversary!!!

  13. I love digging through old photos…wish someone had been better at identifying who/what/where. I included some in Flashback Friday posts last year.

    Wonder what was on your great grandmother’s mind??

  14. Old pix are awesome. I wonder if that wasn’t the style for hair around that time? Beautiful home in the background.

  15. Hi ! First time visitor and WW Participant =0)

    Old pictures, while great at capturing the past in things like shoes and architecture, kinda scare me because you never really know what they captured aside from what you see; such as why she’s disheveled as you say or the look on her face.

    I know that smiling in pictures is actually a recent thing, maybe that helps?

    Happy WW. Thanks for sharing this picture with us.

  16. That is a really interesting photo. Both beauty and some unanswered questions. But that makes one look longer.

  17. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I think the look on her face, is from the sun glaring at her eyes in front of her. Maybe, like me she doesn’t like to get her picture taken. Sorry, I wish I had some black and whites to share, but my younger sister has all the photo’s, since our folks are dead. She needs to keep them since if I get any of them, our older sister will have a fit. See my older sister hates me since I got married. No, I didn’t marry anyone she dated, simply I got married and she didn’t. I think she has mental problems too, because she is always fabricating lies about me and spreading them around. My younger sister and her husband often tell her to stop it and that it’s not true. She tells people I stole my parents money after they died, but I didn’t have access to it, my younger sister was the power of attorney. My parents did put my younger sister in charge of our older sister’s share of the inheritance though. Otherwise, she probably would have blown it PDQ. Ahhh well, I stay away from her and she from me. Get along great with my younger sis though. My younger sis is taking me out for lunch on my birthday tomorrow. We’ll have a nice time, and catch up on things. Love the house in the background, the detail, the big covered porch in front.

  18. What an awesome photo… full of such history in so many ways!!

  19. I love her shoes!! Very cool photo. The hair style is “interesting” too!

  20. I agree, the sun was in her face, she looks like she was running away and got caught in the picture. She may have just gotten a kiss from a male suitor and was muffed at the idea. It’s a wonderful photo and all sorts of stories can be made. Love Janie

  21. It is your great-grandma Wickstrom. She was into numbers- like a preschooler would have been something like 42 months to her. She also knew EVERYONE’s birthdate and phone number. So, I’m not surprised she looked at herself as 18 years and 8 months. I think she rubbed off on me about this a little, too!

  22. It makes me wonder too. Maybe the sun was in her eyes? Or she wasn’t quite ready to have the picture taken?

  23. Yes, that is curious about the specific age thing. I love where you put the ‘ohamanda’ – very clever. Oh, and her shoes are cute!!

  24. That is very interesting… The photo definitely raises questions!

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