Lost: This Place Is Death

Can I just say how delicious last night’s episode was?! I know there’s a little talk about Lost’s ratings being down–but I couldn’t love the show more! We’ve had four seasons of character driven craziness. I have fallen in love with all of our Losties (and even our baddies) and if Lindelof and Cuse bring us the freakiest sci-fi they can muster, I’ll still love it! If we had seen this time travel in season 1, the show would have never made it. But bringing it to us this late in the game is making sci-fi fans out of regular folk…read more at The Disney Blog


  1. I haven’t seen either of the last two episodes and I don’t have time to watch it this weekend at the parentals… geez

  2. I loved last night’s episode! I feel like more and more of the questions are being answered…finally. I’m heading over to Disney now to read your recap…

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