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If you didn’t get to see this at Money Saving Mom, you can get a free two-year subscription to Family Fun Magazine here.  Family Fun Magazine is one of my favorite magazines that I subscribe to – tons of fabulous, family-friendly, and FUN activities, ideas, and crafts. 

Set Your Tivo: Yanni Voices

You may or may not remember that I got to meet some famous opera singers a couple of weeks ago. Oh, you don’t remember? Well, let me show you the picture again… Ender Thomas, Asa, me, Nathan Pacheco photo by secretagentmama Ah, yes. Now you remember. Well the big secret premiere of Yanni Voices we […]

My New Favorite

Thing I Wish I Could Do :: :: :: I Needed a New Dress by Cakies Decor :: :: :: A Photo Tour of my Home by Organizing Your Way (scroll down to see the gate. wow.) 80’s Comeback :: :: :: Shrinky Sheets at The Little Window Shoppe Freebie :: :: :: For men […]

Jeremy Benthem. The Messiah.

We didn’t get to see the rest of our Losties on the Island. We still don’t know where Rose and Bernard are. Yes, it’s been two weeks since a peek at Sawyer’s shirtless self. But oh, my goodness did I love last night’s episode! I’ve always been on Team Locke and I loved seeing every […]

Wondering About Wordless Wednesday

June 1, 1929 18 years 8 months old Isn’t that a funny thing to write on the back of a picture? Especially for an 18 year old? I’m pretty sure this is my great-grandmother. I love so much about this picture…her shoes, her headband, the houses in the background, the strange angle and the border […]


Did you see my cute new twitter bird in my sidebar? Oh, he’s absolutely yummy. I found him at and I’m in love. He just gazes at me with those adorable little eye(s) and I can’t help but click him. (There are 7 other cutie birds if you want one, too.) Speaking of cute, […]

Top Ten Tuesday: Getting Your Baby To Sleep

Today’s first Top Ten Tuesday list is in honor of my sleepy pirate. Remember how he started sleeping 8 hours like in November? Well, last week he reneged on that deal. He started waking up three times PER NIGHT. I was a zombie. A zombie. A zombie. Seriously. A zombie. One night I just decided […]