Praying For Friends

Yesterday I got sick to my stomach.

One of my sisterchicks (who shall remain nameless for now…until I ask her if she wants her name plastered on the world-wide-ohamanda) got some bad news at a doctor’s appointment. And I don’t know if my thirty-something-ness just hit me in the face at that point or what, but I felt so old. I’ve been friends with my sisterchicks since I was FOUR. That’s almost the same age as my Lydia. And even now as I’m typing I’ve got tears in my eyes because I love them so much.

I’m ready to do battle against this (alleged) diagnosis, but who would have thought when we were in 3rd grade and bouncing around the church van on the way to summer camp that this would be our future?

Then, when I got home, I got another email from my bbbf, Val. She has had some huge physical battles this year—full of questions and disappointments. She’s been diagnosed just these past few weeks with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Hypothyroidism AND Firbromyalgia. Are you kidding me?! She’s a young, vibrant mama!

But there’s even more—Val just found out she’s pregnant. Which is a miracle. An absolute miracle. But imagine what you’d be thinking if you were preggo with these new diseases plastered on your file. Yup. That’s exactly what Val is thinking, too.

So, I’ve got a few requests. First PRAY. Pray for healing. I believe it so strongly that God heals. I believe He desires good for us.  And I believe He acts when we pray.

Secondly, if you’ve got any experience with the above diseases please click over to Val’s blog and give her some encouragement. I know she’d love it.

I’ll be keeping you updated on both of my dear sweet friends as the weeks go on. Because if the internet is not one big giant prayer chain, I don’t know what is!


  1. I’ve already been praying for your nameless Sister Chick because I happen to love her too. I will add Val to my prayer list. God is in control!

  2. Amen sister! God’s got these two women safely tucked in His loving and caring arms.

  3. I will definitely be lifting them both up in prayer.

  4. I just left the longest comment ever at her site…I am slightly embarrassed but I really hope it helps someone.

    I am praying for both of them!

  5. My prayers are with your friends!

  6. i will definitly lift these ladies up in prayer! right now. i believe in miracles.

  7. Amanda, I will be praying for both of your friends! Please keep us posted on how they are doing! I don’t have PCOS (we have unexplained infertility) but I do have a great website that has ladies who do have that and they offer great support/encouragement – I will head over to Val’s blog and give her the website!!

  8. Definitely praying for both your friends.

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