Did I Seriously NOT Post Yesterday?!

Yikes, I guess the day just flew away from me. But the thing is, I DID post. Just not here. Let’s see…

  • I posted a Wordless Wednesday pic of Lydia being uber cute at Impress Your Kids.
  • I also posted my portion of a big vloggy conversation between Stephanie from Adventures in Babywearing and Renee from Cutie Booty Cakes on NewBaby.com. It’s all about TV habits. And you know I love me some tv. So, join in that conversation if you’d like!
  • Oh, and I wrote a new post for Familly Bliss.

And of course, I posted THIS MORNING about LOST. Oh baby. Was that a good one or what? Who saw the Charles Widmore bit coming? Loved it.

So, sorry I got distracted from my purple-y home! If you stick around for the next ten minutes or so and I’ll have my 3rd giveaway up!


  1. I so didn’t see the Widmore thing coming, but now it makes so much sense as to why he is so obsessed with the island.

  2. it happens 🙂 I’ve been reading, but not commenting a lot…

    LOST last night was FANTASTIC!

  3. And I thought that I was a busy lady! Clearly, you are even busier than I am!

  4. You’re one of “those” bloggers. Those busy ones!


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